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Meet Our Staff

{Meet Our Staff}

Hi! We are the staff for Great Education Moves. We also manage the customer service department for the Gentle Wind School. We have included this column in the newsletter so that you, as a reader, can be heard. Like you, we have all been through the educational system. As you can see by our outfits, education did not fit us any better than it fit you.

We want your comments, complaints, and suggestions. We welcome everyone's letters, including those expressing discontent, support, praise, indignation, contempt. satisfaction, and anything else you have to say. We will select from our mail those letters which best represent the reader's point of view, and we will publish those statements right here in this column. So, if you have something to say about this newsletter, love it or hate it, write to us and be heard. Please indicate whether or not you would like your letter published and if you want your name published as the author along with your letter. Write to:

"Editorial Staff"
The Gentle Wind School
[address omitted]