Gentle Wind School Newsletters


Through our research, we discovered that modern education is a dangerous and destructive system. When the Surgeon General discovered the dangers inherent in cigarette smoking, he warned the public. Like the Surgeon General, we too are warning the public by printing and publishing this newsletter. But warning the public about the destructive nature of modern education is as far as the Gentle Wind School can go. We will not be contacting your President, your Congressional Representatives, or your Governor. Nor will we be calling or writing your Mayor, your Board of Education, or your Superintendent of Schools. The Gentle Wind School will not be organizing committees, community action groups, home-schoolers, or anyone else. All of that is up to you.

The question is, " What are you going to do?" If you have any doubts about the accuracy of our research, you should read the research that the educational system has done on itself over the last hundred years. This research is a much greater indictment of the system than anything we have said. We have only told you what you already know to be true. Education is destroying children. The ship is sinking and dead bodies are beginning to float to the surface.

If you have children now enrolled in a school system, will you leave them in school? If you are a parent who now schools his or her children at home, will you send those children back to school in a few years? If you have pre-schoolers at home, will you enroll them in a public school some day, now that you know what educators can do to a child? If your children are grown or you have no children, will you tell anyone about what you have read? If so, whom will you tell? The question still remains, "What are you going to do?"

What are you going to do to help??????