Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 April 10, 1989 Volume 1 Number 2 


At your request we will continue to send you future newsletters. At this point in time, we anticipate publishing only an additional three or four newsletters. The Gentle Wind School is a non-profit education and research corporation. We do not charge for our services or our publications. We survive on donations that we receive from people who have found our work helpful in some way. We are more than willing to distribute these newsletters to people interested in receiving them whether they make a donation or not. When we do ask for donations, we are only looking for help to cover printing and postage costs which amount to about $.40 per newsletter.

We are grateful for all the donations we have received. If you would like to receive additional newsletters, drop us a note at the address listed below. Be sure to give your full name and mailing address. Or you can call and request this newsletter by phone.

[Address and phone number deleted]