Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 April 10, 1989 Volume 1 Number 2 


In the course of our research, we discovered a few natural laws about learning. Educators are so out of touch with reality and so dysfunctional that they are incapable of perceiving that these natural laws exist. It is difficult to have a conversation with any educator, a designated expert on the subject of learning, about the education of children because educators are not connected with reality enough to be able to examine how, when and why children learn. The following list of laws about learning are simply out of the perceptual range of most teachers found in the schooling systems of today.

These natural laws of learning are like the law of gravity. Gravity did not come into being because Isaac Newton said something about it. Gravity existed and still exists outside of Newton and any other thought form. These laws about learning exist in the same way.

It does not matter whether people like these laws of nature or not. If you do not like gravity, if you think gravity is dumb, inconvenient or anything else, your dislike for the law of gravity will not change the fact that the law exists. Whether you like gravity or not, if you jump out a fifth story window, you will end up with many broken bones. So it is with the laws of nature that govern how people do and do not learn. Educators can do anything they want with these laws and, in our opinion, these laws, like gravity, will be unyielding. We believe that when educators fail to perceive the existence of these laws they are, in effect, throwing children out of fifth story windows, breaking their bones and destroying their?systems. Educators feel justified throwing the children out the windows because one in ten children appears to land unharmed. But in reality, even the ones that appear unharmed have suffered internal injuries that result in permanent damage.

Educated people of six hundred years ago were absolutely certain that the earth was flat, despite the fact that whenever they looked out at the horizon they saw a curve. Today, highly educated people believe that children are flat. We say--Wrong! They are spherical. They are multidimensional, individual human beings with unique interests, skills and gifts. They cannot be processed like frozen food or programmed like digital computers. We say that you cannot keep throwing children out fifth story windows and expect them to survive unharmed. We say that every time an educator ignores one of these natural laws, another child is thrown to the ground.

LAW I: What is not worth doing cannot be done well. What is worth doing will eventually be done satisfactorily.

LAW II: Just because something needs to be learned, that does not mean it needs to be taught.

LAW III: A piece of data that is neither requested nor related to a person's reality is useless.

LAW IV: The longer you spend studying a subject you are not interested in, the less you will know about that subject.

LAW V: No one can teach anyone to do anything. The best you can do is show someone how something works. If they are interested in it and can use it in their lives, let them practice it until they are satisfied.