Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 August 30, 1989 Volume 1 Number 3 

Future Newsletters

When we published our first newsletter, we were anticipating publishing a minimum of eight newsletters over a one year period. We have since discovered that everything we need to say can be covered in four newsletters, especially if we combine a few issues as has been done here in newsletter Number 3. We have found that most people are having some difficulty managing what we have said already, and so although there is more we could say, it would not be useful for us to do so. If you feel you have donated more money to this project than you want to, given the fact that we will be publishing only four newsletters, just drop us a note letting us know how much you would like us to return and we will gladly reimburse you.

We are happy to say that our fourth and final newsletter will be issued this fall. This final newsletter will be devoted to a description of a proper learning system, including some things which would need to be done to establish a proper educational system for children--one in which real learning could take place and in which no harm would be done.

We will continue to publish all four newsletters for as long as our resources hold out. To receive additional copies of this newsletter, or to obtain any back issues, call or write to: [Address deleted]

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