Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 August 30, 1989 Volume 1 Number 3 

Intelligentsia Absentia

What is a "tough and challenging" teacher? We think that a tough and challenging teacher is someone who has no relationship with his (or her) students, and who is teaching his students subjects which are not connected to students' lives in any way. In fact, tough and challenging teachers are usually people who are not only incapable of relating to students, but are also incapable of relating to faculty or to anyone else. They are people who have been drawn into educational systems where they could distance themselves from others through their own "high standards, " and could substitute memorization for relationship. They are people who do not possess enough social skills to do anything else.

Tough and challenging teachers give their students more material to memorize than other teachers do. They usually teach "tough " subjects such as Latin or Greek, which are entry tough because they are so completely useless. Greek is not tough if you live in Greece. Latin was not tough if you lived in Rome 2,000 years ago. In fact, most subjects taught in school are only tough because they have no connection to anyone's life.

The current educational system, from kindergarten to graduate school, was invented by partial, fragmented personalities with little or no contact with reality. Most teachers, including the "tough and challenging" ones, do not even demonstrate human behaviors. Most are demonstrating behavior found only among life forms much further down on the phylogenetic scale. Curriculum planning committees, state and local Boards of Education, colleges and universities are filled with some of the most fragmented disconnected personalities imaginable, who do not demonstrate human qualities by any phylogenetic behavioral standard if you want to verify what has just been said go to a curriculum planning or Board of Education meeting. Listen to the way these people criticize themselves. Listen to what they have to say about children. Ask yourself whether these fragmented, disconnected people should be setting the standards for your child's Education. Intelligentsia Absentia!