Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 December 10, 1989 Volume 1 Number 4 

Boil Your Water!

Right now, as you read this newsletter, over 10,000,000 people are suffering and dying from the effects of a parasite called the guinea worm. This parasite is found in the water supplies across a vast region of Central Africa. Volunteer service workers from various organizations are trying to convince people living in these regions that the boiling of their drinking water would eliminate much suffering and disease. Many people, however, refuse to listen. Many have come to accept physical incapacitation and early death as a normal way of life. Some tribesmen and women perceive the volunteer service workers as seditionaries with malicious intent, who are trying to interfere and disturb the status quo of tribal life. So while the evidence clearly shows that the parasite found in the drinking water is the cause of much ill health, many societies simply refuse to boil the water.

Although most Westerners would quickly judge these societies to be ignorant and perhaps retarded, the same thing goes on in this nation all the time. There was a time not very long ago when Martin Luther King was accused of sedition, "of stirring up discontent, resistance or rebellion against the government in charge." Some people, particularly Southern white leaders, thought that King was a communist infiltrator who was trying to tear apart the very fabric of American life. Many in power saw Martin Luther King as a dangerous man because he believed that the civil rights granted to white Americans by the Constitution should also be granted to blacks and all other minority groups. King realized that the people who wrote the constitution were all white men of mostly Celtic and Anglo-Saxon backgrounds, and that it was obvious to whom the authors of this document were granting rights. King also realized that in natural reality, all human beings have certain inalienable rights that should and must be granted them by law. His idea was a radical one, one that ultimately cost him his life.

Since we began publishing these newsletters last February, we have received a number of letters and phone calls that tell us that some people think we are seditionaries who are trying to disrupt the present government or tear at the very fabric of society. We are no more seditious or treasonous than Martin Luther King. We have no ongoing battle with government or with any political party, or with the educational institution for that matter. We are, however, like the volunteer workers in some Third World nations, trying to tell people about the contaminated drinking water of education. We are trying to point out some very serious problems with the current educational system, problems which, like contaminated water supplies, are causing unnecessary and permanent harm to children. We believe that it is our right under the laws of free speech in this country to say these things, and that it is our responsibility as citizens of this country to let people know what we have discovered about education through our research efforts. We have written and published this information in the same spirit that special news programs such as "60 Minutes" present certain kinds of information, in order that the American public can be informed of political and social events not ordinarily covered in the daily news. The only difference is that the staff of "60 Minutes" gets paid to present their information and it has cost us about $20,000 to say what we have said.

The students who receive all the honors and give all the speeches, and are held up as education's shining stars, are, generally speaking, not the people who stay and contribute to their communities once they have finished high school or college.

Since we began publishing these newsletters, we have received a few hostile, even threatening letters. We have been warned that the Gentle Wind School is "under investigation." These calls and letters have led us to believe that our phones may be tapped and that we may, in fact, be under some sort of scrutiny by people who have mistakenly concluded that we are some radical, left-wing group. We are no more radical than Martin Luther King or Ralph Nader. We are not a group of fanatics, communists, fascists, radicals or malcontents. We would best be described as conservative Republicans and strict constructionists of the Constitution of this nation. We have no ongoing battle with anyone. We think that children have the right to be educated without being harmed. Incidentally, we also think that people like Richard Secord, John Tower, Samuel Pierce, Michael Deaver and Manuel Noriega ought to be "under investigation." We think that the American public would find information obtained from phone taps on these types of people much more interesting than any information obtained by tapping our phone. We think that monitoring the conversations of George Bush from the time he gets up until he goes to bed each day would be the most interesting of all.

Some of our readers have concluded that we, as seditionaries, are against education and that we do not understand the need for large groups of people to learn how to read, write and do math. We are not against education, nor are we trying to promote illiteracy. On the contrary, we believe that every child has the right to obtain a proper education. We also believe that children have the right to receive that education without being permanently harmed. The current educational system has failed in every way. The evidence for this is everywhere. As this newsletter was being written, George Bush and the state governors of this nation were having an "Educational Summit" to discuss this very fact. Because George Bush and all of the other conference attendees have been educated, they came to the conclusion that the way to improve the current system is to do more of the things that have already caused the system to fail. They offered suggestions to start children younger, increase the competition, force children to memorize more useless data and introduce new disciplinary measures to promote more punishment and more humiliation. They will conclude that more money is needed to pay teachers, in spite of the fact that all evidence suggests that educators have failed to teach this nation's children. No other profession, except medicine, grants pay increases to people who consistently demonstrate such incompetence.

The Standards of Blindness

We, too, are saying that children need to be educated, but we are also saying that the current educational system does not support the well-being of most children. We realize that a certain, very limited number of children do benefit from the educational system as it now exists. There are a few children in every school who, by some unique personality aspect, do benefit from the rigidity of classroom life, or who get something out of being exposed to daily humiliation and punishment. But these children are rare exceptions. They are not the rule. They are exceptions, in the way that certain people who suffer from blindness are able to use their blindness to improve their lives. Rare blind individuals are able to develop certain unique abilities, sharpen their other senses and use their blindness to enhance their lives. But because these people are exceptions, one would not look at them and conclude that everyone should be blind, because for most people, blindness is a great hardship.

Similarly, there are certain rare people who benefit from the experience of war and who thrive in a war. Yet, wars are not started merely so that these rare individuals can thrive. On the contrary, societies attempt to avoid war, because for most people the experience of war causes permanent psychological harm, something that almost all Vietnam veterans can verify.

Children who thrive in the current educational system are rare. They are generally children who are gifted with extremely good memories, but who are often emotionally and intellectually retarded when it comes to understanding the world, and in particular, human relationships. The standards and practices of the current educational system have been set up to respond to the needs of these rare and very limited individuals at the expense of the rest of the population. In fact, all evidence shows that current educational standards and practices, like the experience of war, cause permanent psychological harm to the majority of children who are exposed to them. It is as if educators have concluded that because there are a few, rare individuals who actually can benefit from the blindness that education causes them, then all children should be blinded. We are suggesting that it is not necessary to permanently blind generations of children in order to teach them to read and write, and that there are ways of educating children which do not cause permanent harm.

Uniforms of Disgrace

In catering to the needs of only a few rare individuals rather than responding to the natural needs of most children, educators and school administrators have begun to destroy the very core of American society. The students who receive all the honors and give all the speeches, and are held up as education's shining stars, are, generally speaking, not the people who stay and contribute to their communities once they have finished high school or college. The highest ranking students are usually the people who move away from their communities. They become physician-investors, lawyers and stockbrokers, and lead completely self-serving lives, never putting anything back into their cities or towns. Success in the educational system dictates that when a person is successful in the educational system, he or she must find a community where he or she can duplicate that success. When a physician-investor or a stockbroker moves into a community, he (or she) does so because he thinks that he can make a profit off of that community. These people do not move to a city or town unless they feel that they can be personally successful as a result of doing so. If, in the process of achieving personal success, a physician-investor, for example, makes a contribution, that contribution is usually incidental or accidental, but it is rarely intentional.

On the other hand, the students who were humiliated, brow-beaten and disgraced by the aberrant educational system are the people who remain in their communities and make the greatest contributions. They become the plumbers, carpenters, electricians, television repairmen and women, the auto mechanics and tradespeople. They are the ones who join the police and fire departments, work on road crews, collect the trash or work as nurses and aides in the local community hospitals. They are the people who run the local businesses, become the town taxpayers, and act as the stable core of every community. When the gas man comes to fix your stove, or the oil man comes to clean your oil burner, or the plumber comes to fix your toilet, or the television repairman comes to fix your projection screen television; they are all wearing uniforms. They are wearing drab grey, green, dark blue or brown uniforms, which in the human consciousness have become the uniforms of disgrace and failure. The auto mechanics, electricians and appliance repair people have all been branded as personal failures by the current educational system. Rarely have any of them been honored in school or praised for their talents and gifts. More often they have been humiliated, threatened, disgraced and programmed to believe that the only successful thing a human being can do is obtain a Master's degree from Harvard Business School.

These people who have been degraded and destroyed are the ones who must carry on the culture. We believe that educators devalue these people because educators are ignorant victims of their own system. Educators themselves do not know how to do anything or fix anything. Educators do not understand how anyone could be interested in the trades because most of them cannot change the oil in their cars, replace a worn drive belt on a washing machine or repair any of the household appliances or equipment that they use every day. Educators are angry at tradespeople because tradespeople still have interest in physical world reality, and educators are trying to launder that kind of interest out of their students in the same way that it was laundered out of them. Educators strive to pass on their own ignorance to every student subjected to this system. This is why students can spend more than 11,000 hours in school and graduate without being able to drive a nail properly, glaze a window, fix a leaky faucet, replace a fuse, repair a broken lamp cord, change a flat tire or clean the heads on a tape recorder.

Our research clearly shows that separating children front parents prematurely and subjecting young children to improper educational practices has the same debilitating effect on their delicate systems as improper nutrition has on a developing infant.

Our society is in serious trouble. School life is not connected to the well-being and stability of community life, nor is it connected to the well-being and stability of family life. History and social studies teachers think that they can make good citizens in a classroom environment where students are completely isolated from the workings of community life. Civics teachers think that you can measure a person's relationship and interest in his or her community in an essay or multiple choice exam, as if memory had something to do with involving oneself in town government or in local businesses and services.

The people who must become the town fathers and mothers of future generations and the core of community life are being unmercifully abused by the educational system. In recent decades, children have been starting school earlier, and staying in school longer. They are being broken down faster and the destruction is more severe. High school graduates are even more debilitated now than they were twenty years ago. It is common to hear people complaining about the poor workmanship found in carpentry today. It is common to hear people say that it is almost impossible to find a good auto mechanic these days. But it is not common to find people looking closely at what modern education has done to people who take up these trades. It is amazing that some of these men and women can still swing a hammer or use a wrench when you consider the failure and disgrace that has been heaped upon them.

About Craftsmen:

"They will maintain the state of the world, and all their desire is in the work of their craft. "


Does The End Justify The Means?

And so we ask you, "Does the end justify the means?" Some people, especially educators, argue with us and say that, while education is obviously harmful, the system teaches children to read and write, which are valuable skills, and therefore, the system is good. This is the same thing as saying that when a child is suffering from an infection in his finger caused by a small splinter that the child should have both arms and both legs amputated in order to eliminate the infection. Now, it is true that amputating the child's limbs will eliminate the infection, however, this solution will also leave the child permanently crippled. When educators and other proponents of the current system argue in favor of this system, they are saying that because education teaches children to read and write that it is all right to turn them into mental and emotional quadriplegics in the process.

We disagree. We think that the personal price of being educated in the current system is just too high. We believe that human beings are capable of learning without being graded, grouped, threatened, humiliated and permanently harmed. We think that it is possible to teach children everything they need to know in order to get along in life without crippling them in the process.

In writing these newsletters, we have searched for suitable metaphors and images that will convey to people an understanding of the seriousness and the extent of the harm that education has caused and is causing humanity. Most civilized human beings realize the need to properly feed and nurture an infant. Most people can see that infants are very fragile, vulnerable creatures who need very specific nutrients if they are to grow and develop properly. It is well-known that young children who are fed improperly in early life grow to maturity with diminished brain capacity.

The same thing is true for children when they are exposed to an improper educational system. When children at five years of age or younger are prematurely separated from their parents and introduced into an educational system that dispenses "subjects" unrelated to children's lives, children suffer diminished brain capacity. Our research clearly shows that separating children from parents prematurely and subjecting young children to improper educational practices has the same debilitating effect on their delicate systems as improper nutrition has on a developing infant. While educators have already been made aware of this through various research studies conducted by the medical and psychological communities, along with research done by their own educational community, educators are unable to respond to this research in any coherent way. Educators cannot respond properly to their own research because, having been educated, they suffer from diminished brain capacity. Educators are unable to synthesize any of this research data into a coherent whole because they themselves have been previously carved up and destroyed by the very system they now want to perpetuate.

How Did We Get This Way?

When we consider what is happening to children every day in schools, we wonder, as perhaps you wonder, how and why we allowed the educational system to get this way. Although many of the basic ideas underneath this current system are rooted in the educational practices of ancient Greek and Roman cultures (see newsletter Number 2 for a detailed account), education in American society began because people generally believed that children needed to learn to read so that they could read the Bible. People thought that by reading the Bible a person could develop a moral, ethical code for life, and that if enough people read the Bible, society as a whole would improve.

The 17th and 18th century Americans who promoted these ideas did not realize that the Bible is composed of unrelated statements which have been taken out of context and presented with no perspective or justification for a person's existence. The Bible is primarily fragmented, randomized statements which may have had some meaning to specific, limited groups of people, living under very different conditions than people live under today. So, while it is very valuable for civilized societies to develop a moral, ethical code and way of life, it has never been possible to do so by reading the Bible. Furthermore, there is no evidence to show that people who read the Bible lead better lives than people who do not. In fact, one might even be able to make a case for the contrary. It may be that people read the Bible because they are trying to get control over negative habits and behaviors which cause them to drink too much, become violent, abuse their children, mistreat their spouses, and so forth. It may be that people who read the Bible actually lead more negative and less moral lives than people who do not. But, this is a topic for another research project and not our undertaking at this time.

The point here is that people in this nation wanted children to learn to read the Bible. They thought that the Bible was the most important literary work in existence and they believed it was the only literary work of real value. People believed that the Bible was Divine. People did not realize that the Bible could not help anyone develop a moral code because it contains too many fragmented statements which have been taken out of context. People concluded that reading fragmented statements taken out of context was Divine. It was out of these false conclusions that our current educational system was born.

Today, children spend 11,000 or more hours memorizing fragmented statements which have been taken out of context. This process is the same for every subject because, underneath it all, people believe that reading and memorizing fragmented data which has been taken out of context is Divine and therefore cannot be challenged or changed.

No Police

Because educators believe that what they are doing is Divine, they have failed to police themselves. In fact, if educators were policing themselves, it would not have been necessary for us or anyone else to publish the information contained in these newsletters. Educators and school administrators already know that the educational system has failed. Everything we have said has already been documented in other studies, and most of this information is readily available to educators and school administrators. All educators know, for example, that children learn more effectively through direct experience than through memorization of data. Yet, educators continue to force children to memorize materials which are of no interest to them. This alone is enough to indict the entire system. But educators, like physicians, have no system for policing themselves or stopping themselves from doing things that cause children great harm.

The legal profession has done a little better job of policing itself than the educational community has done. The American Civil Liberties Union, for example, is a watchdog organization that has some understanding of the problems facing humanity. The ACLU functions to protect people's rights. There is no such watchdog organization for the educational system. Educators and school administrators never deal with children's rights--rights which are violated every day.

The educational system and its associated organizations are more like brotherhood organizations or trade unions. Trade unions are advocates of the membership's personal interests, and operate in an antagonistic, adversarial position toward the employer. The main function of the unions is to increase workers' salaries, improve working conditions and grant workers more say over what they do. Since the students and parents are the employers in this case, teachers and school administrators organize themselves as adversaries of the children and parents. Anyone who has overheard a group of teachers talking about students and their parents for just a few minutes can verify this fact.

The students who were humiliated, brow-beaten and disgraced by the aberrant educational system are the people who remain in their communities and make the greatest contributions. They become the plumbers, carpenters, electricians, television repairmen and women, the auto mechanics and tradespeople. They are the ones who join the police and fire departments, work on road crews, collect the trash or work as nurses and aides in the local community hospitals.

The Educational Brotherhood functions like the Medical Brotherhood. The Medical Brotherhood, known as the American Medical Association, works at concealing unethical medical practices, raising physicians' fees and stopping physicians from revealing each other's incompetence. Similarly, the Educational Brotherhood works at concealing and justifying unethical, dangerous teaching practices, such as the use of grades and public humiliation in the classroom; raising teacher's salaries; and keeping outsiders, like parents, from interfering with the destruction of children.

If the Educational and Medical Brotherhoods followed common corporate practices, there would be less difficulty. In any corporate structure, the corporation, as the employer, sets up quality-control standards and requires employees to meet those standards. But, what has happened in both medicine and education is that the employees (the physicians and the teachers) have set up their own standards and have been responsible for the quality-control of their own products. As the employers of physicians, patients should be setting the standards of care and requiring physicians to meet those standards. As the employers of educators and school administrators, parents and students should be setting the standards of educational practices and should be requiring teachers and school administrators to meet those standards. Yet, obviously, neither patients nor parents and students have any such role. There is no Better Business Bureau of Medicine, where patients can go to complain about a hospital or a physician that overcharges them. There is no place in the educational structure where parents and students can go to report the failures of this system. There are no laws regulating medical practices. Surgeries are performed whether they are needed or not. The only recourse that patients have against physicians is to initiate malpractice suits. This measure is completely ineffective because the only thing malpractice suits have done is increase the cost of physicians' insurance premiums, and these costs have, of course, been passed right along to the patient.

Similarly, there are no laws governing educational practices. Teachers are allowed, under the protection of the law, to force children to sit in hard wooden chairs and memorize mostly useless data in an atmosphere of threat and psychological intimidation. If any parent did these same things to a child in the privacy of his or her home that parent could be accused of child abuse and lose his or her children.

We believe that the educational system, like the medical establishment, has failed to police itself, and therefore these systems demand policing from outside their own structures. We also believe that the laws that protect the educational system and support compulsory education were intended to be temporary laws, written as a response to a temporary condition. Back in the 1800s, if a child's parents were unable to read and write, which was often the case, then that child probably would remain illiterate. Compulsory education was intended to break the cycle of illiteracy in this nation and give people the opportunity to learn to read, write and do math.

Now, that cycle has been broken. All the systems are in place for people to learn to read and write if they so choose. There are those who would argue that we need these laws requiring compulsory education to protect children from malignant parents. Our research shows that the current educational system is far more malignant and destructive than even the most deranged parents could ever be, with very rare exceptions. But if people must have laws governing the education of children, then should not those laws be based on natural reality rather than what is now considered to be normal? If laws reflected natural reality, for instance, children would not be allowed to start school before the age of nine. They would be allowed to attend school for only three hours a day and classes would never exceed five students per teacher.

We do not believe that the laws governing compulsory education, even as they exist, were intended to grant teachers the right to abuse, humiliate, grade, threaten and generally harm children. We do not think that those laws were intended to grant educators the right to fill children up with useless knowledge and test them on their ability to retain it. Think about it! A child in this society is sent home with a report card from a school system that that child did not ask to be a part of and does not know why he (or she) is being sent there. He is given grades in subjects that he has no interest in studying (or, more accurately, memorizing.) Those grades are given to him by someone who does not even know him and may even dislike him. He may be given an "F," which will become part of his "permanent" record, while the person who gave him the "F' will get a raise. We think that this system and the laws which govern it would make some of our founding fathers roll over in their graves.

Current laws do not reflect natural reality nor do they consider the needs of children in any way. Most current laws regarding educational practices reflect the needs of an industrialized economy for factory workers willing to work on assembly lines at jobs that they hate without complaining. In some states, these laws which protect the rights of educators to inflict harm on children also prohibit parents from homeschooling their children, even though all the evidence shows that homeschooled children are doing better both academically and personally than their public school counterparts.

Government Schools

We realize that most of what we have said has been said before, and that we have only reinvented the wheel. We published these newsletters because we felt that we could say these things from a different vantage point. Our work has shown us the hideous devastation caused by modern education. Because we have seen that modern education is extremely destructive to human beings, we have looked for the most graphic language to describe what is happening to children in schools. As mentioned previously, we have looked for metaphors which can create within the reader honest, accurate impressions of what we have come to understand about schools. One of the most useful metaphors we have come across can be found in a newsletter published by the Learning Unlimited Network of Oregon called "LUNG," in which the author refers to public education as government schools. Public education does not accurately describe what is taking place in schools. Public is defined by Webster as "of, belonging to, or concerning the people as a whole; of the community at large; for the use or benefit of all." Yet, schools are not open to the public. Members of the community, including parents of students, who pay with their tax dollars to help keep schools going, are not welcome in schools. Schools are not run for the benefit of all. Education is not organized in the best interests of all children. Schools are run on convenience--the convenience of the teachers, administrators and government officials involved in the educational process.

America has government schools not public schools! The educational process in America is not what one would expect to find in a democracy that claims to advocate the participation of citizens in government. You would expect schools in a democratic society to reflect a system in which students and teachers were equal partners in education. If American schools wanted to foster democratic principles, children would have to be granted some basic rights. Children would have to be granted the right to choose their teachers; decide when they will go to class; and what they will study. Children would have to be recognized as human beings instead of being processed as automated, production, grade-making machines.

In previous newsletters, we discussed the fact that children and young adults in America are forced to sacrifice all their own individual ideas, thoughts, feelings, needs, interests, and skills in order to be educated. Children and young adults are forced, under conditions of extreme psychological duress, to accept passively anything and everything educators and school administrators want to inflict on them. Parents are expected to join forces with teachers and school administrators in coercing children into submission. Then, after twelve or more years of this treatment, Americans expect young adults to emerge from high school as participating, contributing members of this democratic society.

Right-wingers in this country have criticized the Soviet Union for treating Soviet citizens as cattle, for denying citizens their rights and for looking on the people as state-owned, state-controlled objects. Yet, these same right-wingers have spawned an even more reprehensible educational system in this country. American high school graduates, after being exposed to American educational practices for twelve or more years, are much better prepared to live in a state-controlled society in which they would have no personal rights and would be told how to live, where to live, where to work, whom to marry and how to think.

There is no Better Business Bureau of Medicine, where patients can go to complain about a hospital or a physician that overcharges them. There is no place in the educational structure where parents and students can go to report the failures of this system.

Right-wingers in this country have been unable to see that they themselves have been treated worse than cattle. Instead of seeing that they themselves have been exposed to America's own state run, government schools, they have projected their own educational experiences out on to the Soviet Union and to other countries and political parties. In the process of projecting what has happened to them out on to other countries and political parties, these very same people are now responsible for creating an educational monster in this country. They are the same people who demand mandatory attendance in government schools, and who are attempting to stop homeschooling parents from exercising their legal right to teach their children at home and spare their children the destructive effects of American government schools. These are the same people who only a decade ago demanded that homeschooling parents be prosecuted, fined and even jailed for trying to keep their children from having to attend America's own government schools.

While we have come to realize that almost no one associated with homeschooling wants to be acknowledged by us, we did feel that the term "government school," written about in "LUNG," produces a much more graphic image in a person's consciousness than the term modern education might produce. The term state-run or government schools is rich with surplus meanings and much more accurately represents current educational practices.

We can tell from the letters we have received that there are some people who think that education can be set aright if we Christianize the government schools. They are people who want religious freedom on the one hand, but believe in the political oppression of mandatory attendance in state-run schools on the other. We are not against religious freedom, nor are we against Christianity. Several of us are Christians. However, if educators were allowed to read Bible quotes to children all day long, this would only contribute to the destruction of children. in fact, almost anything that could be taught to children within the context of the current educational system will break the children down, because the system itself is not rooted in natural reality. The system has not yet recognized children as unique, individual human beings. Until it does, education, no matter how well intended, can only destroy a child's consciousness.

However, when homeschooling parents read Bible quotes to their children all day, children are not negatively affected as they would be in school. Home life is still rooted in natural reality and most parents, even very sick parents, still recognize that their children are unique, individual human beings with unique interests, feelings, goals and destinies. So, while quoting the Bible to homeschooled children will most likely be irrelevant and meaningless to them, it will not break them down and it will not break the family down. A parent's Biblical excursions will not be perceived as incongruous with family life. For instance, if you are a deranged parent, then your Biblical quotes will be just another representation of your derangement and will not be perceived as disconnected, disjointed, useless information that is being hurled at a child, as would be the case if the same thing were done in the context of a school. If you do not force children to do certain mental things like reading too early and you do not break the family down by separating children from their parents before the children are naturally ready to do so, you can do a lot of strange and even aberrant things in the presence of your children and not hurt them. If parents are left-wing radicals or right-wing radicals, it will not matter as long as the children are not exposed to government schools. Children do not have to become their parents. If children's systems are left intact, children can properly perceive their parents' difficulties and go on to fulfill their own personal destinies.

Communal Madness

When we first began to write and publish these newsletters, we realized that what we had to say was not for everyone. We had some hope that our information would fall into the hands of men and women of good will who had enough investment and interest in their children and in their community to use what we wrote to turn the educational system around. However, we realize now that this is not possible. This educational system has so perfectly destroyed anyone who is educated past the third grade that people have been rendered incapable of acting on their own behalf and demanding that the educational system be shut down. We thought that if we could just show people that the waters of education are contaminated and that drinking these waters causes unnecessary, permanent harm, people would naturally boil the water or refuse to drink it. But natural reality has been replaced with standards and practices of modern education. Having been educated, most people do not have enough natural instinct left to boil the water, even when it is obviously polluted.

Some readers agree with what we have said, but do not think it is important. Others agree with what we have said, but are angry with us because they have been unable to discriminate between the bearer of bad news and the bad news. These readers are like the king, who upon being told about the death of his son, orders the messenger to be executed. As the bearers of bad news, who are trying to tell people to "boil your water," we are not the best-liked people in our community. But, we are not the worst-liked either. We have found that being the bearers of bad news is a risky thing because you never know when a king is going to read one of these newsletters.

We feel bad about what we have said because, while we believe that what we have said is true and that people need to hear this information, we also realize that our information has been painful for some people to hear. For that, we are very sorry. We also realize now that very few people have been able to benefit from these newsletters. We believe that it is already too late for most people and that American society is destined to fall apart. We believe that Ronnie represented the quintessential educated, handsome, Hollywood hero, and that as such, Ronnie opened the door to the most malignant, self-promoting, Hollywood-type government practices that the world has ever seen. The evidence of this is everywhere. The current Administration is apparently incapable of responding to national emergencies and international politics. If emergency-oriented agencies such as the Red Cross were not already in place, it is possible that victims of disasters such as Hurricane Hugo and the San Francisco earthquake may have gone without aid. The current Administration seems to need to be embarrassed into action by the Fourth Estate. The people of the press who are now willing to be responsible for pressuring President Bush into action will all be retired in 20 years. They are already being replaced by ex-beauty queens and famous athletes who have no wherewithal or interest to pressure government officials into doing their job.

Although some of us here at the Gentle Wind School are conservative Republicans, we believe that Ronnie opened the door of government to self-promoting, dysfunctional political leadership that is rooted in madness. The examples of his legacy are everywhere. Today in this nation, when known drug dealers are caught by police, they are slapped on the hand and turned back out on the street within 24 hours, while parents who want to homeschool their children are humiliated and criticized in their local newspapers and still prosecuted by local and state officials. And while known drug dealers return to the streets within 24 hours of their arrest, there are women serving jail terms in this country for refusing to allow their children to visit with fathers who have sexually abused those children.

These are the reflections of an educated society. This is a kind of communal madness, and we do not believe that this country can recover from the harm that has been caused by the educational process. We say these things because we have been working with a group of educated people who were selected because they represent normal, educated members of this society. They represent a group who were educated sometime between 1920 and 1989. We have placed all of our subjects in what would best be described as a candy-store environment, in which every possible opportunity was made available to change or alter a behavior pattern or some blockage in the consciousness to mental-emotional well-being. When we speak of a candy-store environment, we are referring to an environment in which all the things a person really liked and expressed interest in doing were made available, including such things as electronics, photography, carpentry, boatbuilding, music and auto mechanics. We originally believed that with the proper technology and in the proper environment educated human beings could break through barriers to personal success and satisfaction, and that breaking through such barriers would release the natural gifts inherent in a person's consciousness. What we thought were barriers or blocks to individual well-being turned out to be outmanifestations of completely destroyed mental systems. Without exception, we were unable to restore any of the people in our research project to proper mental and emotional functioning, and the mental apparatus of each subject was so destroyed that each has been rendered nearly incapable of original thought.

We must also mention here that the subjects in our research project were not only placed in a candy-store environment, but they were also given extraordinary amounts of support to do the things that they said they always wanted to do. In many cases, people were simply unable to engage in any of these activities. Most subjects, while obviously extremely interested in some of these things, were separated from engaging in the things they liked and wanted to do by a kind of a glass wall. This glass wall is the result of the type of unique damage that is done to people in schools which separates and disconnects people from their own reality-oriented interests.

Judging from our research, we think that educated people who are waiting for their retirement years to do the physical world things that they always wanted to do are in for a big surprise. The glass wall that we have described is a permanent part of the human consciousness and does not fall down or break down when someone reaches his or her retirement years. If people have not properly connected to physical world reality by the time they are eight or nine years of age, they are not going to be able to do it at sixty-five or seventy years of age. Once the mechanisms in the human consciousness that would allow a person to engage in electronics or carpentry, for example, are destroyed by the educational system, these mechanisms cannot be recovered or rebuilt no matter how interested a person might be in a particular reality-oriented activity.

At the time of this writing, we have failed. Because we believe that our techniques for rehabilitating people are far beyond those currently offered by the mental health and educational communities, we felt that we needed to report our findings to someone. We also believe that the human dysfunction which we have discovered is a world-wide problem, and that any country using educational practices akin to the American educational system is headed down a similarly destructive path.

For Homebirthers Only

Given all of this, we have concluded that homeschooling is the only real alternative to parents who want to preserve the religious, political and economic principles upon which this nation has been built. We think that the few people who are still capable of thinking will also see that right now there is no real choice in the matter. Our efforts have been primarily aimed at homebirthers. Homebirthing parents have a natural inclination toward self-sufficiency and they somehow have managed to retain enough of their own humanity and natural instinct to be able to recognize when something is not right. The same part of these parents that allowed them to see that giving birth is not a disease requiring medical intervention also allows them to see that taking children away from parents at too early an age and subjecting them to the psychological intimidation and hostility of classroom life is not the right thing to do to any child. Therefore, we have made every possible effort to get these newsletters into the hands of homebirthers. We can tell from our mail that some homebirthing parents are on the fence about whether to start their children in school and that the information contained in these newsletters has already helped some parents to make the decision to teach their children at home. There is much, much more that we could have written about the destructive effects of modern education, but we have chosen to say the things that we believe homebirthers need to hear.

If you are someone who already has your children enrolled in school, we are not trying to talk to you. These newsletters were not written for you. You are already in motion and we have discovered that we cannot talk to people who are already in motion. In your case, the lightning has already struck, and we cannot stop the thunder. It is too late. People who are already in motion are the ones who perceive us as committing seditious acts because we have exercised our right to free speech and have published these newsletters. We are not trying to tell people who have accepted contaminated drinking water as a normal way of life to start boiling the water.

This issue represents our final newsletter. Soon we will retire to our research and leave homeschoolers and everybody else alone. Whew! We have said everything we needed to say. Some readers have written and asked us to say more. However, we have set up our lives in natural reality. In natural reality, when you are finished with something then you stop doing it and you go on to something else. Most people live in the conditioned existence of education, which has nothing to do with natural reality. In the conditioned existence of education, when you are finished with something or have no interest in it, you keep doing it. For example, when a student has had all the American history he or she wants to know for a given period in time, the student must, under conditions of extreme duress, go on and study more history, in spite of his or her natural instinct to stop. When young adults of twelve, thirteen and fourteen years of age are finished with classroom learning and ready to go out into the world, they must, under conditions of extreme duress, continue with unwanted classroom studies. Because we were educated just like the majority of our readers, we have had great difficulty reestablishing even a semblance of natural reality in our lives. But we are able now to know when we are finished with something, as we are with these newsletters. So, in accordance with the laws of nature, we will not publish any additional issues of this newsletter at this time. We may find in the future that we need to say more. Should this happen, we will publish additional issues. For now, we will continue to publish the four existing issues for as long as our resources allow, and we will make all four newsletters available to anyone requesting this information.