Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 December 10, 1989 Volume 1 Number 4 

Heroes, in Myth and in Reality

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On the next two pages, you will find two columns labeled "Mythical Heroes" and "Heroes in Reality." We must apologetically state that in reading these columns over ourselves, we realized that given what is left of us as a result of our own educational experiences, we would have done exactly the same things as our chosen "Mythical Heroes" did if we were placed in the same circumstances. Conversely, we discovered that, while we have great admiration and respect for those listed as "Heroes in Reality," our educational experiences have placed a glass wall between us and any of them.

Mythological Heroes

Famous High School and College Grads

Leona Helmsley
Ferdinand Marcos
Michael Miliken
Benito Mussolini
Richard Nixon
Joseph Stalin
Spiro Agnew
Fidel Castro
Lyndon Johnson
John Mitchell
Samuel Pierce, Jr.
Gary Hart
Jim & Tammy Bakker
Manuel Noriega
Michael Deaver
Pat Robertson
Frank Lorenzo
Lyndon LaRouche, Jr.
Daniel Ortega
Joel Steinberg
Hedda Nussbaum
Imelda Marcos
John Buettner-Janusch
John Tower
Robert E. Chambers, Jr.
Muammar Qaddafi
Bess Myerson
John Zaccaro, Jr.
Kurt Waldheim

If you have concluded that we conveniently chose these particular people in order to make a point, you are correct. We did hand-pick this group in order to challenge some incorrect and very solidified ideas that people in this country have about the nature and the value of a high school diploma or a college degree. We realize that there are many high school and college graduates who have made a positive impact on the world However, our research shows that these people, because of certain unique personality characteristics and personal gifts, have succeeded in spite of their education, not because of it. Our research shows that the longer a person goes to school in order to acquire diplomas and degrees, the further he or she gets from ever fulfilling their own destiny or finding genuine personal satisfaction. Furthermore, our research shows that the more time a person spends in a situation such as homeschooling, the more likely that person is to fulfill his or her personal destiny and find genuine personal satisfaction, which is the only real success that life has to offer.

Some people will read this and say that we are unrealistic dreamers and that what we are advocating are situations in which all children receive private tutoring, which is far too costly and inconvenient to be realistic. We would say that these readers are correct in that what we are advocating are situations in which all children receive private tutoring, only we would not say that we are the unrealistic dreamers. Before surgeons enter the operating room to do surgery, they are required to wash their hands. Otherwise, their patients may become infected with bacteria and may even die. To say that we cannot afford to educate our children properly is the same thing as saying that the cost of hospital soap is too high so we cannot afford to have surgeons wash their hands. To say that to educate children properly is too inconvenient is the same thing as saying that if a surgeon is in too much of a hurry or would be too inconvenienced, he or she should be exempted from washing before surgery.

Schools as they now exist infect children with a deadly bacteria that permanently destroys their mental systems and breaks down their capacity for healthy emotional response. We do not think that we can afford to cripple so many people and still expect to survive as a race of human beings.

MYTH: If you do not get a college degree, you will never get anywhere in life.

MYTH: If you do not get a high school diploma, you will never amount to anything.

MYTH: If you get a high school diploma, you will be a success in life.

MYTH: If you get a college degree, you will be a success in life.

Heroes In Reality

Famous Homeschoolers and School Dropouts

Lech Walesa
Guglielmo Marconi
Helen Keller
Enrico Caruso
John Stuart Mill
Booker T. Washington
Theodore Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Buddy Rich
Andrew Wyeth
Claude Monet
Woodrow Wilson
Eddie Antar
Margaret Atwood
Irving Berlin
William Blake
Pearl Buck
George Washington Carver
Agatha Christie
Winston Churchill
Henry Clay
Buffalo Bill Cody
Charles Dickens
Samuel Gompers
Maxim Gorki
William Henry Harrison
Patrick Henry
Eric Hoffa
John Huston
Joan of Are
John Paul Jones
Charles Lindbergh
Yehudi Menuhin
Sean O'Casey
Loretta Lynn
Henry M. Stanley

More filthy, spineless, despicable, low-life, "doomed to failure" quitters

Lucille Ball
Claire Booth Luce
Marcel Marceau
George Burns
Charles Schulz ("Peanuts" cartoonist)
Paul Hogan
Cary Grant
Herman Melville
Pablo Picasso
Aristotle Onassis
Charlie Chaplin
Noel Coward
Andrew Carnegie
Brigham Young
Wilbur & Orville Wright
Benjamin Franklin

Illustrations by S. Bowen,
Blue Hill Falls, Maine

REALITY: There is no correlation in the way that educated people think that there is a correlation between a high school diploma or a college degree and the outcome of a person's life. Because of the way the educational systems advertise their wares you would think that the millions of high school and college graduates whose lives did not turn out as promised should be able to make a claim against the educational institution's "Mutual of Omaha" insurance policy for their disconnected and partially fulfilled lives.