Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 December 10, 1989 Volume 1 Number 4 

Special Notice To Readers

This is the fourth and final newsletter in a series of newsletters written and published by the Gentle Wind School staff. We are a group of researchers who have been studying the human consciousness, particularly the mental and emotional systems, for the past seven years. In the course of our research, we inadvertently discovered that the most serious forms of irreparable, psychological harm that have been done to people in American society were not done to them in their homes or by their parents, but were, in fact, done to them in school. These newsletters contain a few simple statements about what we have discovered, and what we, as researchers, believe to be true about the current educational system. However, it should be noted that what we have said in these newsletters does not begin to describe the seriousness or depth of destruction and harm that has taken place in the name of education, and that continues to occur every day in classrooms throughout this nation.

These newsletters have been written in natural, sequential order. Our research shows that the natural learning systems in all human beings require that information be received according to what would best be called natural, logical occurrence. Modern education pays no attention to how people naturally learn. Information is presented out of context and out of order with no logical connection to reality. Subjects are offered to children as a series of unrelated data bits.

Real life exists on a continuum, where everything is logically connected and related to everything else. Like life, these newsletters were written on a continuum. They were meant to be read in their natural, logical order. Therefore, if you have not read newsletters Numbers 1 through 3, Stop Right Here. Call or write to the Gentle Wind School and request copies of newsletters 1 through 3 so that the information contained in these newsletters can be properly received and your natural learning system will be respected and preserved. There is no charge for these newsletters, although donations are welcomed.

If you absolutely must read this newsletter right now, and a stampeding herd of wild horses could not hold you back, then go ahead. But call or write to the Gentle Wind School and request copies of Numbers 1 through 3. Read each issue in order of publication, and then go back and read this newsletter Number 4 again. Our address and phone number are: [Deleted]

Copyright 1989 by The Gentle Wind School


There are many more things going on with modern education that come out of complete endarkenment and that result in the annihilation of the human consciousness which we have not described in these newsletters. We have limited what we have said to those things that parents with young children can do something about right now. While parents who have themselves been educated in the current system cannot themselves recover from the harm they have incurred, they can prevent their children from being harmed by schooling them at home.