Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 December 10, 1989 Volume 1 Number 4 

A Note On Your Physician-Investor

[WARNING: This article is very offensive to doctors. It has nothing to do with education, and is included only for completeness.]

PHYSICIAN  --  a person licensed to practice medicine; any person or thing that heals, relieves or comforts.
INVESTOR   --  one who invests.
INVEST  --  to put money into business, real estate, stock, bonds, etc. for the purpose of obtaining a profit.
EXTORTION  --  the act of extorting; the act or practice of wresting money, etc. from a person by force, threat, misuse of authority or by undue exercise of power; sometimes applied to the exaction of too high a price.

In newsletter Number 3, we wrote at length about physician-investors -- men and women who go into medicine for personal financial gain. It should be mentioned that that article was not written with any hope of altering the current medical establishment in any way. The physician-investor is here to stay. Physician-investors are not going to change their medical practices, nor are they going to change their financial practices. It would be useful, however, if the American public would just come forth and say that what they want are physicianinvestors. At least this way the American public would be making an active decision to have physician-investors as medical practitioners. This would be better than sitting back and doing nothing to stop the current corruption in medicine.

The reason we say the physician-investor is here to stay is that the practice of extortion is now an accepted part of the practice of medicine. Medicine is a business, not a healing service. The practice of extortion in medicine has become as accepted as air pollution. The air pollution index is a normal part of the daily weather forecast in most major cities. People take in the information about the air pollution index in the same way that they take in the information about the temperature, barometric pressure, rainfall or sunshine. Rainfall, sunshine and all aspects of weather are aspects of natural reality. Air pollution is not natural, but rather it is a conditioned existence. People cannot change the weather because people cannot change natural reality. People could stop air pollution because it is a conditioned existence. But once people have been educated, they cannot tell the difference between natural reality and a conditioned existence (see newsletter Number 3 for a more indepth article about natural reality.) Educated people start to live as if air pollution were as natural to human beings as rainfall and sunshine. So, while they hear the air pollution index every day, they are not incited to do anything to stop the poisoning of the very air they breathe.

So it is with the physician-investor and the current practice of medical extortion. People have come to accept rising physicians' fees and medical costs (the practice of extortion) as if they were as natural as rainfall and sunshine. People expect to be overcharged for all medical services--for hospitalization, laboratory tests and treatment by their physician-investors. The American Medical Association is one of the largest monopolies in this nation today, larger than American Telephone and Telegraph. In medicine, money talks and everything else walks.

What we have said about the physician-investor is obviously not true for every single physician in American society. There are a few, very rare exceptions. But these few rare individuals will not be offended by what we have said, because being an exception, in this case, is a very painful experience.

We believe that the physician-investors have not begun to hit their stride. Physicians and hospital administrators are only now realizing what they can get away with both in fees and in inflated medical costs. The unwritten law is "Don't Question Your Physician." As a result, the physician-investors are just warming up. They are just starting a slow jog before the real race begins. When they get up to speed, they will have a catastrophic effect on the American economy.

We think that there are two other groups lining up at the starting gate along with the physician-investors in the race to destroy the American economy. These groups include the corporate take-over artists and the junk bond brokers. People who fall into any one of these three groups learned their techniques in school,where they were taught that the most important thing that any human being can do in life is rise to the top of the class at the expense of others. These groups are just lining up at the starting post, but when the gun goes off, we think they will race to the top of the economic ladder and permanently destroy the American economy in the process. These are, for the most part, education's finest students. They represent modern education's shining stars! Now, remember folks, modern education was supposed to prevent all of this. Check your own school system's "goals and objectives" list. You will find that modern education was supposed to foster such qualities as personal integrity and good citizenship. What went wrong?