Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 December 10, 1989 Volume 1 Number 4 

The Evening Snooze

Did you ever notice that the more the news media attempted to expose the incompetence and corruption of the Reagan Administration, the more popular Ronnie became? In fact, our former President, who was responsible for the Iran Contra Affair, a scandal that made the Watergate episode look like a high school prank, is now being considered for a place on Mt. Rushmore. We believe that under the influence of modern education, combined with the Hollywood "ethics" and values of Ronald Reagan, the news media has been rendered incapable of properly informing the masses, and that the masses have been so destroyed that they can no longer be informed. Furthermore, we think that the evening news should be called the evening "snooze," because instead of inspiring people to wake up and become involved in government and world affairs, the evening news, along with all other news programs, is causing people to become more un-involved and disconnected from what is going on around them. It is causing people to go to sleep on political and economic realities. We believe that there are very specific reasons for this, reasons that can be traced directly to the effects of modern education, combined with the institutionalization of glamour brought to this nation by Ronald Reagan. In this article, we will discuss why the news media is no longer able to properly communicate information, how Ronald Reagan has influenced this nation with glamour and Hollywood "ethics," and why media exposes of the corrupt practices of Ronald Reagan and other political leaders only make those leaders more popular in the eyes of the American public.

The Reagan Influence

When Ronald Reagan was elected President, he brought to the highest office in this nation Hollywood "ethics" and Hollywood "economics." He brought glamour, excitement and stardom. He was chosen because he was handsome and charming, and because people thought they were electing the old ranger from "Death Valley Days," whom they had come to know and love on their television screens.

In previous newsletters, we discussed the fact that Ronnie was able to get elected because the current educational system destroys people's ability to distinguish reality from fantasy. Voters could not tell the difference between Ronald Reagan, the politician and Ronald Reagan, the old ranger. This was even further complicated by the fact that Ronnie approached the Presidency in the same way that he approached any movie role. He studied his lines and took his stage cues. He delivered his designer speeches in perfectly choreographed settings.

Ronnie was not the first to be elected because he was handsome and charming. Americans began choosing their presidents on the basis of appearance when they elected Jack Kennedy. The presidents from Kennedy through Nixon developed the Presidency into an excitement and glamour-oriented institution, laden with intrigue and controversy. Educated Americans, who had been schooled into thinking that knowing how to apply active-length fingernails was more valuable than knowing how to change the oil in a car, were not looking for competent, qualified leadership. They were looking for glamour, excitement, intrigue and controversy in their leaders.

When Jerry Ford and Jimmy Carter came along, they were great disappointments to the American public. Both of these men were too straight-forward and too uncomplicated to bring anything hut normalcy to the White House, something that most Americans found to be very boring. When Ronnie came along, he was the quintessence of glamour and excitement. Ronnie brought Hollywood "ethics" and Hollywood "economics" to government and to American life in a way that has become a permanent institution in this society.

Hollywood "Ethics" and "Ronnienomics"

In the world of Hollywood and movie stars, the value of a man or woman is measured only by his or her box office appeal. There is no value placed on talent, skill, integrity, character or competence. If the public is willing to pay to see a particular actor or actress, then that person has worth. If not, then that person has no value. In this system, people are commodities to be bought and sold by their agents, without regard for anyone's humanity.

Ronnie and Nancy knew that they had box office appeal. They knew they were hot items and that anyone who worked for them would benefit personally from doing so. They realized, for, example, that a cook who worked for them for a few years would become a much more valuable commodity. Two or three years down the road, the same cook could command a higher salary without having to improve the quality of his or her cooking, just because he or she had worked for Ronnie and Nan.

Because the Reagans knew that they were "hot items" with box office appeal, they expected people to pay for the fact that people would benefit personally from being in their presence. They believed that if people have influence, they have the right to sell that influence at a fair price. This kind of Hollywood thinking is called influence peddling. When applied to economics, it is called "kick-back" economics. This is "Ronnienomics."

Ronnie and Nancy believed that is was perfectly acceptable for their friends in government (like Michael Deaver) to sell their influence, regardless of the law. Ronnie and Nancy believed that Americans owed them and still do. Nancy's designer dresses were part of her just due. Ronnie believed that influence has its privileges. He thought that Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, as people of influence, had the right to take kick-backs from their own nation at the expense of their own people. Ferdinand and Imelda were only practicing "Ronnienomics."

Similarly, since Ronnie believed that the people of this nation should be paying for the privilege of having him in the White House, he did not think that he should have to pay for human service projects or programs of any kind. Selfless service has no place in Hollywood economics and Hollywood ethics. In fact, selfless service is the idiot's folly. Box office appeal is the only thing that matters. Humanity has no place. According to this way of thinking, homeless people in need of shelter and poor people in need of financial assistance should have to pay for the privilege of having Ronnie and Nancy in the White House just like everyone else.

Our New Ronnie

George Bush is our new "Ronnie." George won his office off the influence of Ronnie. Although George Bush had certain political and government experiences in his background, it is highly doubtful that he would have been able to become president of this country without the benefit of the Reagan influence. When people voted for George Bush, they were voting for more Ronnie. They were voting for more glamour, excitement, intrigue and controversy. They were voting for more negligence, incompetence and influence peddling in government at all levels, and George, along with Dan (chosen completely for his Robert Redford looks and box office appeal), has not let America down.

Now, Hollywood ethics and Hollywood economics are a permanent institution both in national government and throughout American society. What little normalcy was left in Washington has been completely destroyed, and it cannot be recovered. Glamour and influence peddling are a permanent part of politics. The evidence of this can be found in every branch of government. Even men and women of good will who entered politics to serve the masses have been unable to resist Ronnie's Hollywood "ethics" and values. The best example of this can be found in the former Speaker of the House. Thomas "Tip" O'Neill was one of Ronnie's greatest critics. But now, O'Neill has completely adopted the Reagan system. Tip O'Neill had earned enough power and influence through his own good will to end world hunger. Instead, he has decided to follow the Reagan "ethics" and sell his influence in television commercials. Perhaps you have seen our former Speaker rising up out of his suitcase in one of his hotel ads.

We believe that the fact that even men of good will have been taken over by the Reagan influence is a sign that our national government is in serious trouble. Under the destructive influence of modern education, Americans have allowed men like Reagan, North, Poindexter and Secord to destroy the power of the United States Congress as a governing body. The Iran-Contra Affair has become the paradigm through which the American people have come to realize that they no longer have an effective government. All Noriega has to do is hold out for a couple of more years and there will be no one left at any level of government to stop him.

Under the influence of Ronnie and Nan, Washington, D.C. has begun to collapse as an effective seat of national government. When Ronnie took office, he promised that e would get less government, and that he would give the power back to the people. We think that Ronnie has done everything necessary to fulfill his goal. He has introduced glamour, influence peddling, corruption and incompetence to every government department and agency, and in doing so he has permanently destroyed our national government system. The Pentagon scandals and the looting of HUD are only the tip of an iceberg.

We also think that Ronnie has placed the power back into the hands of the people, just as he promised. The only problem is that the people he gave the power to are the members of the crime syndicates and the drug lords. They are the only ones with the type of coherent and organized social structure required to control the masses. They have already taken over this nation's major cities and are slowly working their way into suburban cities and towns.

As America's national government breaks down, state governments will have to accept more of a role in sustaining the health and well-being of its citizens. This has already begun to happen. State governments have already begun to set their own minimum wage standards because our federal government has failed to respond to this nation's rising cost of living with fair minimum wage laws. This is also true about the laws governing abortions and statutes that provide for public assistance to single mothers and others in need. Individual states have already set their own standards and laws when the federal government has failed to respond to the needs of the people.

Although we are guessing, we predict that as the state governments become more responsible for their individual citizens, states will have to set up borders and require people to obtain passports in order to pass from one state to the next. As crime and violence in the streets increase, states will have to become more selective about who they take in as citizens. What was once the United States may well become the Disunited States.

Problems in the Media

Now, we think that news people already know about all of this, and that they have been trying to tell the American public about these things. Reporters have tried to expose various aspects of the Iran-Contra Affair. They have tried to tell Americans about the widespread influence peddling, corruption and incompetence found throughout the Reagan Administration. They have reported on the Pentagon spending, the illegally obtained defense contracts, the looting of HUD, the deterioration of the environment and much, much more. Their efforts at communicating these events to the American public have failed to elicit any kind of an appropriate response. In fact, the more the news media has tried to expose incompetence, corruption and negligence among high government officials, the more popular those officials have become.

The news media itself has deteriorated as a result of the Reagan influence combined with the effects of modern education. There was a time when newscasters wrote their own copy and television reporters were hired because they were qualified, experienced journalists. Now, under the influence of modern education and the Hollywood "ethics" of Ronald Reagan, a newscaster's appearance is far more important than his or her skill or competence as a journalist. When television networks want to improve their ratings, they do not attempt to do so by hiring more reporters in order to expand news coverage or by developing technologies that will provide more accurate, in-depth news coverage. When networks want to increase their viewer audiences, they change the props and glamorize the sets. They outfit the newscasters in more expensive wardrobes and bring in better make-up artists, or they have the newscasters spend more time at the artificial tanning center.

When networks want to increase their viewer audiences, they have the newscasters smile more often, and invest more energy in the staging of the news program. One major network announced last fall that their evening news host would be standing instead of sitting for the broadcast, and that he had been practicing his new stance for several weeks. Rarely does such an effort go into the coverage of a story.

Television news programs once provided audiences with helpful information. Now, news programs have been reduced to entertainment shows. News programs are engineered to produce sensational, entertaining effects in the consciousness of each viewer. In order to produce sensational, entertaining effects, information must be taken out of context in the same way that subject matter is taken out of context in school. Our research has clearly shown that when people are fed information which has been taken out of context, and out of natural, logical order, they become disconnected from reality. In order for human beings to remain connected to reality and involved with the world, people must be able to see the causes of something to understand how a particular effect unfolds. People must be able to follow the laws of natural, logical occurrence in order to understand how or why something has occurred.

The writers and producers of news programs have all been to school. They are accustomed to being fed information that has been taken out of context. They also realize that Americans do not want coherent news stories anymore and that what American audiences are looking for is glamour and excitement. Therefore, news programs now present only the sensational effect, which is taken out of context and then laundered to produce sensationalism and excitement for the viewer audiences. The causes of events are not explored or discussed in any way.

For instance, once in a while the major networks run a story on the famine in Africa. The African people that we are hearing about have usually been suffering from starvation for many years. We never find out why these people are suffering like this or what the prognosis is for their future. We are not told anything about the political and economic conditions that have led to the starvation of so many people. We do not hear anything about why the United Nations, the only world government body, has not taken the necessary steps to end the famine, or why members of Congress, who know about these things, have not acted to help these people. Nor are we given any information about what we as citizens might do to help. It is as if we are left with the impression that these malnourished bodies are only props on our television screen--props that have not been starving in the past and that will not be starving tomorrow when they are no longer on our television screens being used for another sensational news bit.

Occasionally, news programs feature a short, sensational news clip on the rising inflation rates of a South American nation. We might hear, for example, that a loaf of bread in Argentina now costs twenty to thirty dollars. Everyone watching the report says, "Wow!" We are not told about the political and economic conditions in Argentina or surrounding nations that led to the soaring inflation. No one talks about how these rising costs are affecting the lives of that nation's people. We do not know why the people sitting in Congress, who know about these things, are not doing anything to curb the inflation rates. All we get to see is a sensational news clip about the cost of a loaf of bread in Argentina that leaves us with a "Wow! " and no other response or connection to what this rising inflation means to that nation, our own nation or the world economy.

The Snooze Effect

The writers and producers of news programs, because they have been to school, are designing these news programs out of their own damaged mental systems. They do not realize that they are taking the news bit out of context and presenting it to the public as an isolated data bit, just as information was presented to them in school. These writers and producers think that, by showing a sensational news clip of African people with malnourished bodies, they are inspiring viewer audiences to act and to change the conditions in the world so that famine will be eliminated. They think that these news bits are clever and artistic. What writers and producers of news programs have forgotten is that when their school teachers fed them data bits out of context, they were not inspired to do anything. When they were fed data bits in "science" class, they were not inspired to go out and find out more about the world. When they were fed mathematics out of context, they were not inspired to find out more about mathematics and how it is used in life. If anything, their science and math teachers permanently drove them away from these subjects and caused them to become more disconnected from the world, not more interested in it.

Writers and producers of news programs, because they have been destroyed by the educational system, have failed to perceive the same damages in their viewer audiences. They have failed to see that, once educated in the present system, the mental apparatus of people are so destroyed that they can no longer put two and two together. Here is an example of what we mean. In early November, around the anniversary of Bush's election to the Presidency, major networks reported that George Bush was giving himself very high grades on his own report card as far as his presidency was concerned. During the same broadcast, it was also reported that jurors in a Washington, D.C. courtroom had to sit behind a bullet-proof glass shield and had to be transported in armored cars because authorities feared for the lives of the jurors. These jurors were sitting in on the trial of a man allegedly associated with the drug cartel. One newscaster went on to report that Washington, D.C. was the most violent city in the United States and that violent crimes and drug abuse have been clearly on the rise.

The writers and producers of news programs think that if they report these two events as isolated data bits juxtaposed to one another, then viewers will put two and two together and conclude that George Bush should not be giving himself high marks on his Presidency while violent crimes and drug abuse are thriving in his own backyard. News writers and producers think that juxtaposing these two pieces is clever and artistic, and that this is a way of exposing the fact that George Bush does not deserve high grades on his leadership performance because he cannot even improve the city in which he lives.

However, because the information presented has been taken out of context and is being presented as isolated sensational data bits, and because viewer audiences have been previously destroyed by their own school experiences, viewers are completely unable to connect these information bits in the way that newspeople believe the pieces of information are being connected. In fact, because of the type of mental damage that most viewers incurred in school, viewers decide that if all the violent crime and drug abuse exists in Washington, D.C., then it is a good thing that we have a guy like George Bush around. It is a good thing that we have a leader who has given himself high marks on his presidential performance because without a guy like George Bush, imagine how bad things could get.

So while the news media is attempting to expose George Bush's incompetence, they are doing so in a way that causes viewers to become even greater admirers of George Bush, and Bush's popularity increases. This same thing happened throughout the Reagan years. News programmers often showed Ronnie and Nan smiling and waving to the crowd as they ran across the White House lawn to board the Presidential helicopter. Then, in a separate news bit, newscasters would recount some aspect of the Iran-Contra Affair. News people were trying to show the American people that Ronnie's responses to the Iran-Contra episode were not consistent with reality. They were trying to expose Ronnie's most serious character flaw, which is to gloss over and neglect problems and issues of grave concern (see editorial.) When a President gets into the kind of trouble that Ronnie got into, you do not expect to see him running across the White House lawn chasing his dog. You would expect a more coherent human being to realize the degree of his difficulty and respond to the problem in a way that let the public know that he was aware of the seriousness of his situation.

Instead of concluding that Ronnie was so far removed from reality that his response to the Iran-Contra Affair was incoherent and similar to what one might expect from a seriously disturbed person, viewers concluded that Ronnie was still their steady, loyal old ranger from "Death Valley Days." In fact, the more buffooning Ronnie did, the more people liked it. Viewers decided it was a good thing that we had a guy like Ronnie running the country at the time of the Iran-Contra Affair, otherwise this nation could have suffered a terrible disaster both at home and in foreign affairs. The more the information about the Iran-Contra Affair and the corruption in the Reagan administration became known, the more Ronnie's popularity grew. While Ronnie's term of office has been recorded as one of the most corrupt and dishonorable administrations in the history of this nation, Ronnie retired as this country's best-loved President.

Since the majority of viewers have been educated, they do not realize how watching the news is affecting them. Educated people were sitting ducks for the Hollywood "ethics," glamour and economics of Ronald Reagan, and they are sitting ducks for designer news and designer newscasters. Educated people have been so programmed into non-reality, that they cannot tell when something is causing them to become disconnected or un-involved with reality. If people watched the news in the same spirit that they watched a situation comedy or a soap opera--for entertainment only--the news programs would be less harmful. But, having been educated, most viewers approach the news with much greater expectations and actually believe that they are being informed rather than disconnected from reality.

If people in the news media want to make a difference in the world, if they want to wake people up and cause viewers to become more conscious instead of more unconscious, then media people will need to direct their efforts toward producing a new kind of human being, one that is not exposed to current educational practices. They will need to find a way to reestablish some natural state of existence. If media people want to make a difference in the world by exposing the truth, then they will have to see that their current exposes have been born out of an incoherent, dysfunctional educational system and cannot possibly yield functional, coherent results. Until this is done, we will continue to have a very destructive form of news programming, which can only induce the evening snooze.

The continuation of the current educational structure for more than twenty-five years will annihilate the United States and turn it into a far more grotesque spectre than any combination of mad-max movies and the conditions portrayed in the mini-series "Amerika, " in which the cold war era Soviets invade the United States. In the near future, unless something is done, only the very rich will have a safe existence because they will be the only ones who can afford to pay for constant personal protection. Soon, the suburban middle class of this nation will be subjected to the same tyranny and violence now found on the streets of our inner cities. This is a grassroots movement which has already started. It is a spreading infection that will not go away.