Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 December 10, 1989 Volume 1 Number 4 

From The Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Here we are with our last newsletter! We thank you again for all your letters, cards, book reviews, sample publications and newsletters. Since this is our last chance to answer your questions, concerns and criticisms, we will respond to those letters which best represent our most commonly received complaints and concerns.

About Our Research

In reading over your letters and cards, we realize that we have not been able or willing to answer many of the questions that you as readers have asked about our research, including our methodology and research models. For the most part, we have refused to answer these questions because we would have needed to publish another series of newsletters just to convey what we have learned over the last twenty years about research and about the nature of the human consciousness. Since our resources are very limited, we decided that it would be more useful to people if we published the actual results of our research, rather than consume our resources describing our research techniques. In the course of our research, we discovered more information about the destructive effects of modern education than we would ever care to mention or than you would probably ever care to read. Some of what we discovered was just too devastating to convey. We have attempted to report only the aspects of our research that can be verified through existing research evidence. This is so readers will not be left with any data that cannot be documented or verified with existing research evidence.

While we have neither the resources nor the time to provide readers with the details of our research effort, there are a few things that we can say about what we do. In our research, we try to take advantage of people. In fact, you could say that we try to take advantage of people every step of the way. Our research has taught us that the only thing that any human being has going for himself or herself, in reality, is his or her own personal weaknesses. We know, for example, that when push comes to shove, people will always fall into their greatest weaknesses. This is the only reliable, predictable thing that human beings can do, and it is the only thing you can absolutely count on as far as human behavior is concerned.

When we say that we take advantage of people, we mean that we first take the time to find out what we can about each person's vulnerabilities. To do this, one must be able to see into the human consciousness. Then we set up a reality-oriented environment in which a person must employ his or her greatest weaknesses in order to achieve success. In a reality-oriented environment, employing one's weaknesses is all one can do if one plans to succeed.

In the conditioned existence called education, educators have a very different view. Educators believe that it is their duly to expose children's weaknesses by testing, grading and grouping them. Once the weaknesses are exposed, certain children are labeled as inferior and are programmed into accepting the false conclusion that they are incapable of accomplishing anything in life. Some of our subjects were labeled as "inferior" human beings by the educational system. Most of them would have turned their former teachers white in disbelief at what they were able to accomplish in a reality-based environment.

What most people cannot see is that there is no one in public life, business life or political life who has risen to the top who did not employ his or her personal weaknesses to get there. People who achieve success have an uninhibited ability to employ their worst characteristics at exactly the right time. For example, Ronald Reagan's worst characteristic is to pretend that everything is okay when it is not. Ronnie's most serious character flaw is his uncontrollable need to gloss over very serious problems with empty rhetoric. While Ronnie's family members have obviously had difficulty with this judging from the books they have written and from media interviews, Ronnie is any campaign chairman's dream candidate. Ronnie is capable of saying anything or doing anything that he is told as long as he is not asked to confront and deal with a serious issue in a direct manner.

George Bush's worst characteristic is that he is compelled to act against his own personal code of ethics. George cannot control himself or stop himself. A careful review of his campaign tactics and practices will reveal that President Bush consistently did the kinds of negative and maligning things that he often spoke out against.

Jack Kennedy had an uncontrollable urge to bat his eyelashes at anyone who was paying attention to him and to direct all his personal resources toward playing to his audiences. Jack Kennedy could not stop himself from wanting to attract and impress other people for its own sake. Richard Nixon, on the other hand, could not stop himself from destroying anyone who stood between him and his own personal goals.

It should be noted that none of these people want to do these things, and each one would have given anything to be able to stop themselves. However, while they would like to be able to stop themselves, they are also fascinated by the fact that their individual personal weaknesses have such power over them. The people in the world who are the most overpowered by their own worst negative characteristic and the most fascinated by the extent to which they are overpowered are always the ones who rise to the top. The combination of these two qualities--the overpowering negative characteristic and the person's fascination with being overpowered--acts to form what people commonly refer to as charisma, and actually propels people all the way to the top. People who have risen to the top will probably find this information both poignant and funny.

If you want to earn a million dollars or more, you absolutely must use your apparent weaknesses to accomplish this goal. The reason for this is simple. The way humanity operates at this time is that when human beings see a person's strength, they automatically use that against the person. People automatically prey upon one another's apparent strengths and use another's strengths to their own personal advantage. This is the legacy of the current educational system. There is a simple formula behind this which is that everyone wants your strengths but no one wants your weaknesses. Michael Dukakis lost the Presidential election because he surrounded himself with too many "educated" people who worked too hard at covering up Dukakis' weaknesses. People saw only his strengths which were obviously up for grabs.

It is very difficult for educated human beings to understand this simple human condition. It is difficult because certain kinds of religious training combined with the current educational practices have taught people to believe that their weaknesses are to be avoided at all cost. Because most people work hard at covering up their weaknesses, only people like Ronald Reagan, whose personal weakness is completely out of his control, are able to rise to the top. Once people are educated past the third grade, it is almost impossible for them to have any understanding of their own weaknesses. Education teaches people to avoid their weaknesses or be punished and publicly humiliated. By the time most children have completed the first three grades, they have had to erect elaborate, complicated psychological structures which are actually secondary personalities (see article entitled "What Is A Proper School") which allow children to fake interest in school and to fake interest in teachers in order to be able to survive classroom life. Because of the methods and practices of the current educational system, most people end up covering up their weaknesses and vulnerabilities with the secondary personalities which allow people to go on faking it throughout their lives. One of the most difficult aspects of our work has been to help a person discover his or her own personal weaknesses so that those weaknesses can be properly employed. This process alone takes eighteen months to two years.

There are a few people around who intuitively and instinctively know these things about human beings. These are people who get superior results in their lives and in their work, although they probably could not explain why. Others could study these people for a very long time and not be able to figure out what they are doing. There are a few corporations who know how to use people's weaknesses, but they are corporations that always put the individual first. Any person or company who had this information and refused to put the individual first would be betraying his own brothers and sisters.

We realize that some people may be frightened by what we have said. The people who are the most frightened and alarmed by what we have said here, even in this brief explanation of an aspect of our research, will be the most likely to abuse this knowledge. This has occurred through no fault of their own. It is a direct result of being educated in a system that forces children, under extreme psychological duress, to misuse their resources and to act against themselves.

Because we have learned through our own research that educated people have been programmed to misuse their resources and to act against themselves, we realize that there is great potential for our research methodology and process to be misused. We feel that there are still too many people around who would misuse this data, especially and including educators who absolutely refuse to put the needs of the individual child first. For this reason, our research methodology and process will remain hidden for the time being. If things in the world continue to change in the way and at the pace that they are now changing, and if we are satisfied that people will use what we know in good will, then in five to ten years we will consider saying more.

About Our Writing Style

We have received many letters from readers who have questioned, criticized and attempted to correct our writing style. These letters accounted for over 90% of our "negative" mail. The majority of these people said they agreed with almost everything we had to say, and did not question the accuracy of our information, only the style in which it was presented. We think that when people dismiss the content of our newsletters and focus their resources on the correction of our writing style, they are expressing a kind of damage that was done to them in the course of their own educational process. We are guessing that the content of these newsletters is somehow threatening to the fabric of each of their lives. Criticizing our writing style is a way of asking us to take back what we have said so that people can go on with their lives and ignore what is happening to children in school. Some of these readers have accused us of being seditionaries who are disrupting their lives, and respond to us in the way that many southern whites responded to the efforts of Martin Luther King.

We have answered these letters in a variety of ways. For example, we have learned that some people habitually send negative letters as a way of trying to avoid dealing with certain negative aspects of their own behavior. These people send negative letters in an attempt to infect someone else with their own negativity, which only causes their own negative personality aspects to get worse, not better. When someone is trying to infect us, we always respond by returning the infection to its source, because that is the only way the infection can be cured.

We have included here some excerpts from a few of the letters we have received. We think that these statements best represent the majority of the negative letters we have received. We apologize to the authors for having taken these statements out of context. Some of these authors had many positive comments to go along with their criticisms. Others were much more negative than what has been excerpted and printed here. Almost all of them said they agreed with what we had to say.

"The Gentle Wind School publishes its large, perceptive, articulate, but sometimes very arrogant and angry newsletter from Surry, Maine " ("ReMaineing at Home," October 1989)

"I think that it is wonderful that your group, The Gentle Wind School, has done research and investigated the public school system. What I don't think is wonderful is your insulting tone of writing ... Calling people or groups of people 'deranged' is poor journalism. It is also bad manners. "

"If this is the kind of response you at 'Gentle Wind' (a definite misnomer) are capable of; then perhaps you need someone with expertise in the area of human relations." (E. Dundee, Ill.)

"Oh yes, once in a while you say his or her teacher, but on the whole your language is just as insulting, dehumanizing, demoralizing and degrading as the American school system you speak of: " (Plainfield, Vt.)

"So, dear Blowing Wind, I find that each morning must be faced without the assurances that your group seems to have. In a way, I'm happy for you to have done the research necessary to back up your beliefs. I am sad that you come out so strongly against systems of beliefs holding their researched conclusions." (Rodeo, New Mexico)

"However, I feel your form of presenting your material is impolite to the point of turning people away from what you say and so becomes ineffective."

"One more thing, the name 'Gentle Wind' does not seem to fit your style. You seem more like rough-shod cyclone wind; perhaps this is someone's way of being amusing. " (Millersburg, Ohio)

We have written these newsletters in a style and form that we realize may seem a little aberrant. We also realize that most of what we have said has already been said before. We thought, when we first began to discover some of the harm that education has done to humanity, that we had uncovered a whole new body of knowledge. Yet, upon closer examination, we discovered that most of the information contained in our newsletters has been available to parents and educators for at least 50 years in the form of various research studies done by both the educational and psychological communities. All we did was reinvent the wheel.

While this knowledge about the harmful effects of the current educational process has been available for 50 years, it has gone unnoticed. This further confirmed our conclusion that once people have been educated past the third grade, their mental circuits are destroyed and they are no longer able to respond to survival-oriented information in a coherent way. Since this data has been previously presented in books, journals and research documents in writing styles that are generally polite --and comfortable to the reader, we decided that if we were to have any hope of eliciting a coherent response from our readers, we would have to present this data in some other style and method. We understand that readers would like us to tone down what we have to say and present our data in a way that makes them feel more comfortable. We also recognize that people have been comfortable knowing how much harm is being done to their children in schools for at least several decades. Their comfort has not caused them to act in any way to stop the destruction of this nation's children. If anything, the destruction has gotten worse, with children starting school earlier, staying in school longer and memorizing more useless data with each passing year.

We have tried to write these newsletters in the best right-wing, political-action-group rhetoric that we could devise. We have tried to imitate this style and technique because this is the type of rhetoric that was used by our last two presidents. Educated Americans obviously respond to this style of communication as evidenced by the overwhelming popular support received by our last two presidents. While this type of right-wing political rhetoric has been used to destroy good candidates from both political parties through the use of outrageous lies told in outrageous metaphors, we have used it to convey what we believe to be accurate, truthful information about the damaging effects of modern education on the human consciousness.

We concluded that the old adage, "When in Rome... etc.," applied here. If we were going to try to speak to an educated populace who had been mentally damaged by the educational system, then we would have to try to find the style and language system to which the populace most readily responds. We had to try to find a system of communicating that would allow a damaged consciousness to receive this information and respond to it appropriately. In crafting this, we have at times suspended absolutely perfect grammar for a stylized type of phrasing so that we could get an idea to bite properly into a damaged system.

We do know that in order to get a damaged consciousness to act, you have to irritate it. We have had to place a little sand in each oyster to see if we could get the oysters to produce pearls. When we have responded to negative letters with a dose of the author's own infection, we were trying to put a little sand in each oyster. Unfortunately, we were not able to irritate enough oysters, and so we do not expect to yield many pearls.

Trying to communicate to a damaged population is far more difficult than most readers can imagine. We consider the material presented in our newsletters as survival-oriented information. As mentioned previously, we have discovered through our own research that once people are educated, they are unable to receive or properly respond to survival-oriented data. Educators are constantly devaluing survival-oriented information and survival skills, while simultaneously rewarding children for memorizing useless information. Educators act as if things in life were immutable absolutes. Yet, in reality everything is always changing. You cannot use a mental system based on memorization that perceives life in fixed absolutes to respond appropriately to a constantly changing universe. Humanity's survival does not depend on people's ability to memorize data bits. It depends on humanity's ability to respond to an ever-changing reality, something that educated people have been rendered incapable of doing.

We should also mention that in our research study, we attempted to teach our sample population (all of whom had been educated past the third grade) a rudimentary set of physical and technical survival skills. Our subjects consistently attempted to use memorization systems, which were used with great success in school, but which failed in every instance when it came to learning survival skills. Those subjects who were considered "good" to "very good" students by the educational system had the most dysfunctional behaviors when it came to acquiring these skills. Furthermore, the better someone did in school, the more unwilling they were to learn anything that had to do with direct survival, except when a situation was arranged so that learning that skill contributed to that person's social status or grade achievement. In every instance, these subjects showed no inherent interest in developing a skill that would insure their personal survival. On the other hand, subjects who did less well in school were, to some extent, more willing and more adaptable to the learning of rudimentary survival skills.

If you are a researcher studying the effects of modern education on human beings, we would encourage you to construct your own model and prove or disprove what we have said here. However, if you try to communicate the results of your study to others, we think you will find that, once educated, people in politics or religion are generally incapable of listening to information of this nature, unless, of course, the acquisition of this knowledge would enhance that person's position or status, or help that person accumulate more power.

About These Newsletters

Publishing these newsletters has been a research project in and of itself. We have attempted to use double-blind experiments whenever possible in the course of our research. Our original subjects were a cross-sectional sample of people representing various political and religious views as well as socioeconomic classes. However, our sample was limited in number. Publishing these newsletters and distributing them to a group of people who did not request them gave us further opportunity to see better how deep the damage caused by education actually runs, and to verify some of our conclusions with a larger sample population.

In publishing these newsletters, we were especially interested in observing what educated people did with this information. We wanted to find out what educated parents did with their children when presented with overwhelming evidence that children were being harmed in school. We wanted to know how deep the capacity for destruction actually ran in the average, educated human consciousness.

We were reminded of the Vietnam War. Top level military and government officials knew early on that this was a very bad war, one in which the conditions of battle were extremely stressful to American soldiers. Top level military officials saw that American soldiers were being psychologically harmed in ways that were even more severe and damaging than some had seen during World War II. Yet, these military leaders, perhaps because they enjoyed the opportunity to participate in an isolated war being fought on foreign soil, with little risk to American daily life and where all their military strategies and war games could be tried and tested, did not demand that Americans pull Out of this war. Only when enough American people were convinced through the death and destruction of thousands of lives was the government pressured to pull out of Vietnam. By that time, thousands of men and women had been unnecessarily and permanently harmed, psychologically as well as physically.

We believe that the depth of the capacity for destruction found among military officials during the Vietnam War is a direct result of the depth of destruction which those leaders incurred during their schooling years. Similarly, we believe that the depth of the capacity for destruction found among parents today who continue to send their children to school knowing full well that their children will be harmed is a product of the destruction caused to parents by the current educational system. Parents have been so harmed by their own education that their economic condition now takes precedence over the well-being of their children. American people are so damaged as a group that within American society it is no longer possible for a middle class family to maintain a decent standard of living without both parents working outside the home. A large portion of television commercials are about sparkling homes and sparkling apartments with beautiful people. Yet, fewer and fewer Americans can afford to buy even a basic, ordinary house. The buying power of the American dollar is diminishing rapidly, while salaries increase very slowly. As a result, we have found that even when we have placed these newsletters into the hands of parents who absolutely agree with what has been said in the newsletters, these parents still find the baby-sitting aspect of school more inviting and economically necessary than the well-being of their children. The depth of capacity for destruction among educated human beings turns out to be far greater than we had anticipated or than we could possibly describe in these newsletters.

About Teenagers Having Babies

Since our last newsletter, we have received many letters from readers questioning out conclusion that adolescents, when left to exist in natural reality, are ready to bear and raise children somewhere between the ages of twelve to twenty. Most people who wrote to us said they felt that fourteen-year-olds could not adequately take care of a child. We could not agree more. While fourteen-year-olds in American society are physically mature, they are psychologically bankrupted. American teenagers are a race of witless, empty human beings, decorated in eye shadow, lipstick, designer jeans and pantyhose. They are true products of the educational institution. Once exposed to the educational process, teenagers need ten to fifteen years as a recovery period before they should consider having children. It takes most human beings that long to recover and to establish enough of a partial sense of identity, which is required to carry on the species. Given this situation, twenty-five to thirty years of age is probably the ideal time for educated people to bear and raise children.

When we said that the best time for human beings to have and raise children is between the ages of twelve and twenty, depending on the individual, we were referring to human beings who were not subjected to the educational system. Educated people are too far gone to be able to recover from what has happened to them. This information was only intended for homebirthing types who might one day decide to homeschool their children and who might find this information useful in some way.

To those readers who were offended by what we had to say on the subject of natural childbirth, you have our sincerest apologies. We distributed these newsletters to people outside the homebirthing community because we wanted to test a hypothesis we had that educated people were incapable of dealing with reality. We are sorry to say, our hypothesis has been born out. While there have been some exceptions, these exceptions have only demonstrated the validity of our hypothesis.

Many of those who wrote to us questioning the adequacy of fourteen and fifteen-year-olds to have babies, went on (in the same letter) to tell us how they themselves at thirty to forty years of age feel they are "too old" to be dealing with the needs of five and six-year-olds. Many went on to say that they had too many personal career interests to stay home and teach their five to nine-year-olds. They attributed their career interests to the fact that they were older, and therefore were naturally more interested in their careers than in their children.

These letters are typical of educated people who are too far gone to see what they are saying. We suspect that people who write these kinds of letters do not want to admit that they cannot be saved. People in this society generally carry some sort of salvation fantasy. What we are saying is that life is not that pretty nor is life that neat. Jesus is not going to come into your heart and mend the destroyed mental apparatus in your consciousness. Educated people cannot be saved anymore than can concentration camp victims. Both are left with permanent mental and emotional harm that cannot be repaired by any means. If educated people could really see what has happened to them, particularly educated parents, they would be much more tolerant of themselves. Unfortunately, most people are too filled up with salvation fantasies to see the harm they have incurred, and to understand that the only hope is for future generations of children whose parents refuse to expose them to the current educational process.

When we say that the best time for human beings to have babies is between twelve and twenty, we do not mean damaged, educated human beings. We are referring only to people who have grown up in a natural environment. In the movie "Blue Lagoon," two young, matured adolescents are placed in a natural environment together. One is male and the other is female. Guess what they do? They start bearing and raising children, just like all human beings around the world who have not yet been invaded by education or any other external, non-reality oriented influence. How can this be? How can two mature adolescents possibly bear and raise children successfully when all of modern "science" (see "Turkey of the Decade") says that this is impossible? This is so obvious that educated people cannot perceive it.

If you put two sexually mature fourteen-year-olds who like each other together in a natural environment (one female and one male), they will make babies and take care of them. They will do the same thing that two sexually mature basset hounds (one male and one female) will do if you put them together in a natural environment. Teenagers will do the same thing that two sexually mature mice or two sexually mature cats or two sexually mature ducks will do. "Well Golly! Whaddaya know!" They all mate and adequately care for their offspring!

However, had those basset hounds, mice, cats and ducks been run through an educational system "geared" to their species, as human beings are run through a system geared to their species, we would expect to find sexually mature basset hounds running a round in eye shadow and lipstick instead of mating. We would expect to find cats in designer jeans and mice wearing pantyhose. We would be looking for ducks to shave their feathers into mohawk-style cuts and to dye their feathers iridescent oranges and blues.

About The Future

We realize that we have said some very negative things about the current educational system, and about the fact that educated people are incapable of turning this system around because they are just too far gone. The intelligentsia of this society cannot even recognize the fact that this educational system has failed in every possible way. In a recent newspaper column, the Clown Prince of "60 Minutes" wrote that the problems with education do not lie with the educators or the school system, but rather with parents who just cannot face the fact that their children are not college material. He thinks that half the population of this society is inherently stupid, and that parents must learn to live with having stupid children.

The Clown Prince of "60 Minutes" represents the very best that this society has to offer. His views are so primitive and narrow that it is hard to put them into words, but his position speaks to the fact that educated people are too far gone to set this system aright.

While we do not have a crystal ball, our guess is that this educational system is destined to collapse under its own weight in the next twenty to twenty-five years. We think that Americans will continue to see the diminishing value of the dollar. As the value of the dollar diminishes, so will this nation's tax base. Soon, people will no longer be able to fund the current educational system, because as the value of the dollar has gone down, the cost of education has gone up. As middle-class Americans are becoming less and less able to make ends meet, educators and school administrators are continuing to ask for increased funds. People have not really started to notice that the more they put into the educational system, the less they are getting out of it.

Although we are only guessing, we think that within that same time period, the medical system will also begin to collapse. In the last ten years, salaries in this country have gone up about 8%. Medical health insurance costs have gone up by 90%. Already, fewer American citizens can afford the cost of medical care. Soon, only the very well-to-do will be able to afford physician-investors' services. As the population that can afford medical treatment dwindles, so will the power base of the American Medical Association. Perhaps the A.M.A. can even be reduced to where it no longer has a grip on the electorate of this country, and then a new medical system similar to the one described in newsletter Number 3 may begin to appear.

We do not think that the physician-investors will notice their dwindling populations or loss of power until it is too late. Physician-investors will not notice the fact that only a limited number of people can afford medical care, because they are too focused on their incomes to notice any changes in their patient populations. Physician-investors are even less focused on maintaining their power base in Congress than they are on their patients. Although very few physician-investors would ever openly admit it, most of their spare time and resources are focused on their financial interests, to the exclusion even of their own spouses and children. But what they are doing is not a crime. It is only a reflection of what society is doing on a large scale.

We are guessing that the collapse of the lax base in this nation is in direct proportion to the collapse of major highways and bridges. Most major cities in this country are suffering from deteriorating road systems and bridges that represent a vital part of America's transportation system. These roadways and bridges desperately need to be repaired and in some cases replaced. But because Americans have been educated, city, state and federal government funds continue to be allocated into the educational system. This educational system is probably the single most malignant and harmful institution ever to exist in humanity. It is a system that destroys creativity, ruins people's visions and destroys all hope of anyone fulfilling his or her own personal destiny. But, instead of using available resources to tend to the practical, necessary survival things like highways and bridges, Americans insist on using their resources to destroy their children. Roads and bridges are only repaired after someone has been hurt or injured when a highway or bridge collapses. Education, combined with a corrupt medical system and a 350% oversold stock market, should destroy America's economic base within 20 to 25 years, especially since the educated people responsible for this nation's economic downfall are incapable of stopping it.

You may also have noticed that we have at times criticized certain overidealized Christian views. While we feel that misguided Christian ideas are at the source of the impoverished condition of modern education, we must also say that many well-founded and useful Christian ideas can be found at play in natural disasters and in other situations where people need to pull together and help one another. Often it is the members of the small Christian churches who are able to transcend their own religious beliefs and reach out to people in need. We think that this, combined with the probable collapse of the educational system, is a very hopeful thing. We would guess that over the next 25 years, Christianity in this nation will be purged of the severely damaged leaders such as the TV evangelists, some of whom have already gone into disgrace. As Christianity is purged of these people (and there are thousands of them), with each purging there will be an improvement in the quality of the expression of Christianity and Islam. When these great religions are purged of their False Prophets and False Profits, the decent principles underlying these religions will outmanifest in humanity.

We have noticed in observing both our research sample and Americans in general that most people seem to think America can still be saved from economic and social collapse. Underneath it all, most people, as products of an industrialized society, think that the next technological breakthrough will solve this nation's problems. People are investing themselves in ideas like superconductivity, but superconductivity is not going to solve America's problems, any more than nuclear power solved this nation's difficulties. In the 1950s, nuclear power was thought to be the cheapest and most efficient way of producing electricity. Government and industry jumped on the bandwagon, only to find nuclear energy to be the most expensive and dangerous way to produce electrical power ever conceived. Superconductivity is not going to reduce the cost of housing in this nation. It is not going to stop the educational system from destroying children. It is not going to correct a 350% over-sold stock market, and superconductivity is definitely not going to stop the physician-investors from practicing extortion.

We think that people who believe that some technological advance will bail out this nation think this way because they have been so damaged by the educational system. Hopefully, if we are fortunate, reality will win out in the end. Twenty-five years from today, education and medicine in America will have collapsed under their own weight, religions will be purged of deranged leaders and this nation will be unrecognizable to all of us living here today.