Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 1990? REBOUND Volume 1 

The Re-establishment Of Normalcy And Naturalness In Childbearing Practices

Under the influence of modern education, people in Western societies have developed some very unnatural childbearing practices, not the least of which is treating childbirth as if it were a disease. In "Great Education Moves" (GEMS), we discussed the fact that the natural time for men and women to have and raise children is during the adolescent years, at the onset of sexual maturity. When female basset hounds are sexually mature-physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to have baby basset hounds--they just go ahead and do it, following the laws of nature. All other species in the animal kingdom, except educated human beings, follow the laws of nature and begin to bear their young as soon as they are capable of doing so.

If America and other Western societies are ever to rebound from the destructive effects of modern education, the most serious correction that must be made is for the childbearing process to be returned to the adolescent years. In order to accomplish this goal, drastic changes would need to take place in the current educational structure. In order to prepare teenagers for the responsibilities and demands of parenthood, this society would have to come up with a system that could do more than produce incompetent, unskilled, overgrown Gerber babies, whose primary interests in life are designer jeans, designer drugs and fingernail polish.

'There was a time in this nation, prior to the institutionalization of compulsory education, when some adolescents were still treated as functioning adults who married and had children well before the end of their adolescent years (see reference note on page 14.) In these communities, mostly rural and frontier societies, young men and women were still able to launch themselves into adult life in a natural way. When compulsory education laws requiring young adults to remain in school up to the age of 18 were enacted, all of the natural pathways for American teenagers to launch themselves into adult life, including mating and bearing children, were completely destroyed. The result of destroying the natural pathways into adult life for adolescents in this society is evident in the high rates of teenage suicide, depression, alcoholism and drug abuse, and in the negative psychological condition of American teenagers today which did not exist prior to the introduction of compulsory high school attendance.

Young adults at the ages of 13, 14, 15 and 16 should be able to launch themselves into apprenticeships in trade!, and crafts such as boatbuilding, cabinet making, banking and house construction. Young adults should enter family run businesses or go directly into law school, medical school or engineering school. They should also be able to mate and have children. Instead, in American society, young adults are forced to launch themselves into four years of high school where the rules that are applied to five-year-old kindergarten students are also applied to high school seniors. In short, the same destructive educational system that relies on public humiliation and psychological torture to insure group obedience has destroyed the natural avenues to adult life for all young adults in American society.

When we speak about the reestablishment of normalcy and naturalness in childbearing and child-rearing practices, we are in no way advocating that the mentally and emotionally damaged young adults educated in the current system begin having babies at the onset of sexual maturity. We agree with readers who say that today's young adults are too immature and incompetent to have and raise children during their teenage years. Furthermore, when we speak about the need for healthy young adults to follow the laws of nature and bear their young during their teenage years, we are not talking about unidentifiable, drugged-out, random teenage street crap bearing babies. These young women are too destroyed by the educational system to be able to do a good job of raising children at fifteen, at fifty or at any age.

We are talking about the fact that nature calls for healthy young adults to bear and raise their young. There are healthy teenagers in this world, but they can only be found among so-called primitive tribes, where the children are not beaten, raped, murdered or forced to endure destructive educational practices. In these primitive societies, the older that children and young people get, the more able they are to take care of themselves and the less supervision they require. The older they get, the more children and young adults in primitive societies become real friends and companions to their parents. But in this society, under the influence of current educational practices, the older that children and young adults get, the more supervision and policing they require. As American offspring grow older, they become less close to their parents. In fact, in many cases, young Americans do not relate to their parents at all, nor do their parents relate to them.

In this society, when young people reach adolescence, they become rebellious. In primitive societies, teenagers become independent. But, under the influence of modern education (a system which treats 5-year-olds and 18-year-olds in the same way), teenagers cannot become independent. They are too broken down. All they can do is become rebellious, which is a half-baked, halfhearted attempt on the part of these broken systems to achieve independence. All that educated young adults in America can do is to find a graceful transition from being a baby living at home with his or her parents to a baby living on his or her own.

We know from our research that it takes eight to ten years after high school for mentally and emotionally damaged, educated people to collect up enough of themselves to be able to recover even minimally from what has happened to them in school. We agree with our readers who say that young adults should wait until they are 25 or 30 years of age before having children, because once exposed to the current educational system, young adults need at least this much time to establish themselves in the physical world in what limited ways are available to them once they have been destroyed in school.

Under the influence of modern education, educated people have come to some very incorrect conclusions about the nature of childbirth and parenting. Educated people believe that human beings become better parents as they get older. Educated people see that a basketball player like Magic Johnson or Larry Bird plays basketball at one level in high school, but then goes on to play at a higher level in college and at an even higher level in the National Basketball Association (NBA.) Obviously, these basketball players are improving with age. This idea of people improving with age applies to almost everything in life--except childrearing.

During adolescence, healthy young adults who have not been exposed to the current educational system have all the physical, mental and emotional resources in place which are needed to bear and raise children. Healthy young adults are extremely interested in human bodies, their own as well as the bodies of infants and small children. This is why many teenagers make such great baby-sitters and often exhibit more interest in the children in their care than the children's parents do. In any healthy, reality-oriented society, most young adults mature and grow with their children. Having and raising children during the teenage years is a natural part of the adult maturation process, which for many people cannot be accomplished any other way. Healthy young adults under the age of 20 give their children one very important message, which is the unconditional message to "LIVE."

Adults over the age of 25 cannot mature with their children. All the biological and emotional resources that are available to healthy young adults for this purpose are no longer available beyond the age of approximately 20 years. Adults at the age of 25, 35 or 40 years do not have the resources or the interest necessary to care for children, and they are past the point where they can mature into adult life with their children. All educated adults over 25 can do with children (with only rare exception) is to make continuous demands on them. Their message to children is not the unconditional message to "live," but "live on condition that you satisfy all of my demands."

One could possibly make a limited, wimpy argument for the fact that as people get older they acquire more culture, sophistication and experience in the world, and therefore have more to offer as parents. But even this argument does not hold up, because babies do not need culture and they do not need sophistication. What young infants and toddlers need is one thing and one thing only-the unconditional message to "LIVE."

Mentally and emotionally damaged, educated, sophisticated, cultured 25 to 40 and even 45-year-old parents have a laundry list of conditions and ideas about what their children should become. Their message is a very complicated, conditional message which says, "live--as long as you satisfy me. Here are some of my demands: say smart things for me; act precocious for me; use big words for me; memorize these flash cards for me; say the alphabet at age two for me; add and subtract at age four for me; be an over-adapted, 'well-behaved' child for me; obey your teachers for me; do well in school for me; be at the top of your class for me; get good grades for me; do neat work for me; play little league baseball for me; choose 'well-behaved' friends for me; make me proud; do not embarrass me in front of our relatives; do not embarrass me in front of the neighbors; satisfy my need to look good as a parent; become a star athlete for me; be a cheerleader for me; win academic awards for me; become a doctor or a lawyer for me; be a financial success for me; do not embarrass me by becoming a tradesperson; go to college for me; refrain from sex during your teenage years for me; do not get pregnant in high school and make me look bad; get a Master's degree for me; marry the 'right' person for me; have children for me; make me look good with the people I work with; do not let me down," and so forth. The fact that children try to respond to these demands, the fact that two-year-old Billy is willing to memorize words on a flash card to make his father proud, is only a sign of how vulnerable children are to these kinds of neglectful and obscene parenting practices.

REFERENCE NOTE: Some historical references suggest that the average age of first marriage for women in the 17th century was 21 to 22 years of age. Since women generally bore their children within a year of wedlock, we might be led to believe that early American women did not marry or bear their young during their adolescent years. However, a closer examination of the research evidence shows that these statistics were gathered on very small groups of women living in centralized northeast communities who were (under the influence of educational practices) expected to delay marriage for economic reasons and because it had become a fashionable thing to do. These statistics do not reflect the lives of women in rural or frontier communities where educational practices had not yet interrupted the natural course of human development.

While sophisticated, well-educated 25 to 40-year-olds are telling their children to live as long as they are willing to satisfy endless parental demands and conditions, healthy uneducated and unsophisticated parents are telling their children to just LIVE unconditionally. Now, which child do you think will be stronger in the end? Which child do you think will be more able to fulfill his (or her) own personal destiny, hopes and dreams?

When healthy uneducated, unsophisticated parents tell their children to just LIVE, this means Live, Be Well, Prosper and have a Big Life. Having a big life does not mean living like Donald Trump. People thought that Donald Trump was having a big life, but now it turns out that he was having a very small life with a lot of big bills. Some people thought that Ronald Reagan was having a Big Life, but now people are discovering that Ronald Reagan is a man with very small ideas who was having a very small life while he was holding a very big, very important job that was way over his head.

But there are people out there who are having big lives. They are bus drivers, carpenters, plumbers, farmers and lawyers, whose parents somehow told them what almost all uneducated, uncultured, unsophisticated teenage parents are telling their children, which is the unconditional message to:


(Be Well, Prosper, And Have A Big Life)