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 1990? REBOUND Volume 1 

Welcome To "Rebound"

"Rebound" is a newsletter dedicated to the reestablishment of normalcy and naturalness in educational practices. It is a newsletter specifically for homebirthers and homeschooling parents who are on the rebound from the destructive effects of modern education.

"Rebound" has been written and published by the Gentle Wind School, a not-for-profit education and research project located in Maine. As you may already know, we at the Gentle Wind School are a group of former psychotherapists and educators who have spent the last several years trying to find out what we could about the human mental and emotional apparatus. In the course of our research, we discovered that the most serious mental and emotional problems found among American adults were not caused in their homes by their parents, but are instead a direct result of the harm they incurred in the process of being educated.

We did not set out to research the effects of modern education on the human consciousness, and we came upon our information quite inadvertently. We found, however, that current educational practices are so inherently destructive that anyone exposed to this system past the end of the second grade incurs permanent, irreversible mental and emotional harm.

When we discovered this information, we published a series of four newsletters entitled "Great Education Moves" (GEMS.) When we first published "GEMS," we thought that we had come upon some new information about the harmful effects of modern education. As it turns out, the educational and psychological communities have known most of this information for many years and have published a number of similar reports in their own journals and newsletters. So, all we did was re-invent the wheel.

Since we first published "GEMS" back in February of 1989, we have received many letters and calls from readers, particularly homeschooling parents, asking us to say more about what they can do to help their children. We know from these letters and calls, and from our own research, that it is very difficult for parents who were themselves educated in the current system to homeschool their children given all the mental and emotional harm which they incurred in the process of being educated. Homeschooling parents face the difficult and perhaps impossible task of trying to educate their undamaged, natural, reality-oriented children with damaged, non-reality oriented mental and emotional systems. Homeschooling parents are trying to respond to the healthy interests, needs, feelings, goals, hopes and dreams of their children after having been stripped of all their own natural systems in the process of being schooled.

In our final issue of "Great Education Moves," we described two different systems of operating which we have called the primary or natural personality and the secondary or school personality. Before children are exposed to school, they exhibit all of their own natural needs, feelings, instincts, interests, wants, hopes and dreams. Then, children are prematurely separated from their parents and they are forced to memorize data bits which have been taken out of context and which have no meaning to them in their personal lives; furthermore, children under the age of nine are forced to do these useless mental activities long before the mental circuits necessary for these types of mental activity have developed. When children cannot or will not conform to this system, they are publicly humiliated before their peers.

In order to survive under these conditions, children must act against themselves at every turn. They must abandon all of their natural ways and shift themselves over to an unnatural, non-reality oriented system. We have called this system the secondary personality or school personality.

While the secondary personality is useful in that it allows children to survive the hostile, dysfunctional environment of school, the secondary personality has almost no functional value outside the classroom. These secondary personalities do not drop away upon high school graduation, nor do these secondary personalities merge with the natural primary personality. The secondary, school personality remains a permanent, dominant system in the consciousness that has been trained to override any natural, individual instincts, interests and goals of what would have been the natural character and personality of the individual

Our research shows that there is no form of psychotherapy, medication, or new age technology that can alter or purge a consciousness of a secondary school personality. Anyone who claims to be able to do so is talking out of his or her own non-reality oriented secondary structure. Some psychotherapists have mistakenly concluded that these secondary personalities are merely adaptive behaviors. But if the psychotherapists would look more closely, they would see that what we are describing is not merely a behavioral adaptation to school life, but a complete alteration in the structure of a child's personality. Before the onset of the secondary personality, most children go through a depression which lasts anywhere from ten days to three or four months, depending on the child. 'this occurs sometime between the end of the second grade and the end of the third grade. Parents, educators and psychotherapists often notice "mood swings" in the child and may conclude that the child is having "growing pains." It is at this point that the permanent, secondary personality emerges.

Any homeschooling parent who was educated in the current system past the end of the second grade is operating out of a secondary or school personality. Homeschooled children, however, do not develop dysfunctional secondary personalities. Homeschooled children, even children who are exposed to deranged parenting practices, retain their natural, functional, primary personality structures. This means that parents who were educated in the current system and who are now trying to homeschool their children face enormous personal difficulties. Secondary personalities are complacent, passive, rigidified and extremely limited personality structures. Secondary or school personalities are incapable of responding properly to healthy, primary personalities. No matter how hard a parent tries or how well-meaning a parent might be, it is not really possible for a previously educated parent with a damaged mental and emotional structure to respond adequately to a child with a healthy, functioning, intact, mental and emotional structure. Homeschooling parents are constantly trying to bridge the gap between their own dysfunctional personality structures and the healthy, functioning, primary personalities found in their children.

Every homeschooling parent who was educated in the current system will have difficulty homeschooling a child. The degree of difficulty will be directly related to how much a previously educated homeschooling parent is able to perceive his or her own damages and limitations. The more unable a previously educated parent is to perceive his or her own damages and limitations, the more limited the parent is in being able to respond to the natural needs and interests of his or her children. Recognizing one's own damages and limitations is no easy task. Because of the unique way in which current educational practices destroy tile human mental apparatus, most people have difficulty being able to perceive any of the harm which they have incurred in school. Many people mistakenly assume that if they did well in school, they managed to escape harm. According to our research, the exact opposite is true. The more successful a person was in school and the better his or her grades, the more harm he or she incurred and the less he or she is able to perceive the harm that was done.

While there is nothing that can be done to repair the mental and emotional apparatus once a person has been exposed to school past the end of the second grade, in the course of our research we have discovered some things about how people learn and how people do not learn which may be helpful to homeschooling parents. Although our research sample was limited in number, we believe that some of what we discovered can be applied to a larger population. We hope that this information may help homeschooling parents to bridge this gap between the natural, healthy needs and learning systems of their undamaged children and their own limited secondary personality structures.

Homeschooling parents are trying to respond to the healthy interests, needs, feelings, goals, hopes and dreams of their children after having been stripped of all their own natural systems in the process of being schooled.

"Rebound" has been written and published for parents who are already schooling their children at home and for homebirthers who may one day decide to do the same. Again, because of the unique way in which current educational practices damage people, very few people are able to recognize the destructive nature of modern education. As a result, very few people who read "Great Education Moves," our previous newsletter, were able to respond in a coherent way to information about the damaging effects of today's educational system. We found that, with very rare exception, there were only two groups who seemed to be able to use our research data effectively. The first of these are homeschooling parents who for whatever reason had already decided not to send their children to school before even reading our newsletter. The second group are homebirthers with young children, who are trying to decide how best to educate their children. We found that homebirthers are very odd ducks who, through some unusual combination of familial, environmental and genetic factors, have been able to sustain some connection to physical reality in spite of what happened to them in school. Many homebirthers are the kinds of people who still bake their own bread, grow their own vegetables and build their own homes. Many homebirthers were able to take the time to read the existing research on childbirth in America and discover that in spite of what physicians say, in many cases it is safer to give birth at home than in the hospital. Somehow, this same part of homebirthers, which was able to see through the corruption in modern medicine that has turned the natural act of giving birth into a disease requiring medical treatment and hospitalization, can also see through the corruption in modern education, which takes fragile, vulnerable children and destroys all their unique and natural instincts, interests, goals, skills, talents, hopes and dreams.

We have also found that, except for homeschooling parents and homebirthers, most people under the age of 55 (roughly) who were educated in the current system have come to perceive the educational system as if it were a physical earth condition like the Rocky Mountains, the San Andreas Fault or the weather. These physical earth conditions cannot be altered or changed by any human means. When we speak about the need for this society to stop destroying children in school, most educated people under 55 years of age respond to us as if we were telling them to move the Rocky Mountains or get rid of the rain or humidity. Most people in this society under the age of 55 have swallowed modern education and believe it to be a helpful, useful institution, which it is not. In reality, people who have swallowed school have ingested a toxic, dysfunctional organism and are too filled with the poison to realize what is making them sick.

Homeschooling parents are constantly trying to bridge the gap between their own dysfunctional personality structures and the healthy, functioning primary personalities found in their children.

Having realized this, we have stopped trying to communicate what we know to anyone but homeschooling parents and homebirthers. if you are not a homeschooling parent or a homebirther, we apologize for sending this newsletter to you. We strongly encourage you to throw this newsletter away. We have sent these newsletters to everyone on our mailing list because, unfortunately, we have no way of knowing who are the homeschooling families and homebirthers and who are not. We only hope that if you are not a homeschooling parent or a homebirther that you will forgive us in the way that you have forgiven Ed McMahon for sending you all the Publisher's Clearing House, and now the American Family Publisher, sweepstakes ads that you never requested and never wanted in the first place.

We are not trying to get people who are already sending their children to school to stop doing what they are doing. We have learned that people who are sending their children to school or who are planning to send their children to school are already in motion and usually cannot be interrupted. Because of the unique way in which educational practices destroy the mental apparatus and teach human beings to act against themselves, parents who are already in motion are incapable of backtracking and taking their children out of school, even when they can clearly see that education is causing their children to be harmed.

Furthermore, even if these parents were capable of backtracking and taking their children out of school, if the children have been educated up to the end of the second grade and, in some cases, the end of the first grade, it is usually too late to undo the harm which these children have incurred. (Note: children who start school at three or four years of age or younger are permanently destroyed by the end of the first grade. Children who start school at five or six years of age are permanently destroyed by sometime between the end of the second and the end of the third grade.) Most parents do not have the resources that are necessary to homeschool a child after the child has already been permanently damaged and broken down by the educational system. For those parents who might be considering the idea of taking older children out of school, we have included a short article on why such action should be carefully considered and why most children are better off remaining in school once the permanent harm has been done.

We also must apologize for being so negative. We promised ourselves and our readers that in writing "Rebound" we would try to refrain from being so negative. However, we have found that it is impossible for us to describe the problems inherent in the educational system without sounding negative. Modern education is so malignant that it is no less than a cancer to American society. It is difficult to describe a virulent, malignant disease like cancer or any of its treatments without sounding negative because there is so little that is positive about such a grave, life-threatening illness. We believe that it is very important for homeschooling parents, homebirthers or anyone else who must decide how best to educate their children to know how this educational system works and what is, in fact, going on in this nation's schools. In order to do that adequately, we have to say some very negative things. While what we have said does sound negative and we are sorry to have to publish newsletters that are difficult or painful to read, often we have had trouble finding strong enough words and analogies to convey the depth of horror and destruction that we now know is taking place in this nation's schools.

Finally, if you are a homeschooling parent or a homebirther and you have come upon "Rebound" without having read the four issues of our previous publication, "Great Education Moves," then we urge you to write or call the Gentle Wind School and request copies of "GEMS." The Gentle Wind School functions completely on donations. While we need and appreciate all donations, all our newsletters are free of charge.

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