Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 Summer 1991 REBOUND Volume 2 

Some Last But Not Final Thoughts

The educational system in this country is structured to meet the needs of industrialists as perceived through the eyes of educators. In order to keep this system going, educators rely on scare tactics. In fact, educators use the same kinds of scare tactics used by the Catholic Church to keep its members in line. From the time they are very young, Catholics are told that if they do not go to Mass every Sunday, they will go to hell when they die. Educators tell parents that if they do not fill their children up with unrelated data bits, then their children will not amount to anything. Educators say that if children are not filled up with unrelated data bits, then the country will go to hell and will fall behind as a world power. Educators believe that parents who school their children at home and who refuse to fill their children up with unrelated data bits are un-American, unpatriotic, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic seditionists who are causing this nation to slip back into the Dark Ages.

In reality, this country has already begun to slip. This nation has already fallen into an economic decline from which it cannot, under present conditions, recover. The United States has already fallen as a world power. This has happened because the educational system in this country has destroyed the nation. Fortunately for Americans, the Japanese, who appear to be taking the lead in the world market place, have adopted the same educational practices and have taken these practices to the next level of destruction. Already, reports of violence in Japanese schools are coming out of that country--violence that includes teachers beating and even murdering students. The young adults of Japan are in even worse shape than the young adults of this country. Soon, Japan will begin to suffer the same kind of economic decline and collapse that this nation now faces.

This same thing is true for the European nations. Just give the Germans (who have also adopted the American educational system) time, and they too will be producing the same kinds of empty-headed, unskilled, incompetent, aimless high school graduates that we now produce every year in this country. The Germans are still getting by on past generations of skilled men and women who can make, build and fix things in the physical world. But as those generations die away, and the new generations of educated, destroyed young adults, who cannot do anything, must take over the German society, that nation will also slip into economic decline.

Even Third World nations have begun to take on America's educational system. There are Third World countries today with students who have had half the years of education that high school seniors in this country have had, and these Third World students can out-perform American high school seniors on numerous standard achievement tests. But Third World leaders believe that their nations can achieve greatness by using the American educational system and so have begun to adopt these errant, corrupt ideas about how to educate their youth. Some Third World countries using this educational system have already fallen into mediocrity and economic decline, and many more will follow.

All of this is happening because people in this country and throughout the world still operate on the false conclusion that the American educational system is what made America great. People do not realize that the United States was able to reach the, pinnacle as a world power because of its minimal educational requirements and maximum creative output, coupled with great ambition and a very expansive nature. These factors came together in a way that caused the rapid growth and development of this nation. This growth and development, which began over 200 years ago, had enough momentum to carry this nation right into the 1960s. That momentum, however, is long since over, and this nation is now in decline.

Because people did not understand these things about how America was able to achieve greatness, political leaders assumed that the educational system made the growth and development of America possible and therefore more education would make America even greater. Political leaders of the 1950s had already begun to see signs of economic and social decline in America. By that time, compulsory education had long since taken hold and excessive educational practices were already in effect. The decay and decline of America had already started.

Perceiving this decline, but believing that excessive education had made America great, political leaders concluded that more education would remedy the decay and save America from further decline. Each decade, more education was introduced. In the 1960s, parents were encouraged to start their children in school at earlier ages. Preschools arose throughout the nation. In the 1970s, educators and politicians introduced more subjects, including computer science and advanced mathematics, believing that more subjects, more education, would keep America competing in the world market place. In the 1980s, and now in the 1990s, we have public officials who say we need year-round schools, longer school days, more computer science and more mathematics. We have parents who take their 2-month-old infants to swim classes, flash word cards at their six-month-olds and read to their infants in utero.

Educators and politicians say that America will recover if we just fill children up with education. They do not realize that what children need is a minimal amount of education and a lot of time to acquire real skills through practical experiences of physical reality. Educators and political leaders, operating from incorrect conclusions about reality and from a faulty system of logic, cannot see that it is the educational system with all its destructive effects that is causing this nation to decline. Educators and politicians assume that if a child who has a bacterial infection is given a dose of penicillin and then recovers from that infection, then the best thing to do is to prevent infections in all children by putting them on an I.V. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with doses of all the known antibiotics from the time they are born until they are 18 to 24 years of age. Educators and political leaders cannot see that if you continuously give children all of these antibiotics, the antibiotics will soon poison the children because the children's delicate systems cannot take in that much foreign matter. They do not see that if we give children antibiotics in very limited amounts at the right time when they are sick and can use it that the children will recover and go on to build healthy immune systems. Educators and politicians say we must fill children up with antibiotics until their natural immune systems collapse and the children become weaker and more susceptible to infection, until they are finally destroyed.

We are not saying that children should not be educated. What we are saying is that children need to be educated when they are ready; that they need to be given subject matter which will be useful to them in their lives; and they need to be able to obtain information at a pace that is natural to each individual child. If a child is thirsty, the natural thing to do is to give the child a glass of water and let the child drink until he or she has had enough. Educators think that it is not necessary to wait until the child is thirsty to offer him or her a drink. They believe that the best thing to do is to take a hose and put it in the child's mouth, turn the water on all the way and fill the child up until the child drowns. Educators think that if a glass of water is satisfying to a child who is thirsty, then why not just fill the child up with water all the time. This kind of thinking pervades the educational system. The logic behind this kind of thinking is as follows: Ducks float. Wood floats. Therefore, ducks must be made out of wood. If ducks are made out of wood, we can just go get a flock of ducks and use them to build a house.

As this educational system shows itself to be a failure and this failure becomes more evident, educators and political leaders insist that we need more of this system. They say we need more computer science, more math, longer school days, more preschools and year-round schools until the children are filled up with poison. They say that when things axe going bad and the symptoms are increasing, that we should just give the children more drugs. They do not realize that some people never need antibiotics. Some people need only a single dose in an entire lifetime, while others might require more at different periods throughout their lives.

Educators think that if we fill children up with education, if we stuff children with information that they cannot use long before their mental systems are ready for this kind of cognitive input, then children will grow up to be immune to crime, corruption, drug abuse, alcoholism, poverty, suicide, gang violence, teenage pregnancy and so forth. However, it turns out that all of the existing research indicates that if you tear children out of their homes too early, feed them cognitive mental data before their mental systems are fully developed, and if you stuff them with useless, unrelated data bits, the children break down and become more vulnerable to crime, corruption, drug abuse, alcoholism, poverty, suicide, gang violence and teenage pregnancy.

What we are saying is that stuffing children with education that they do not need and cannot use poisons children in the same way that filling children up with antibiotics which they do not need and cannot use poisons them. This educational system is poisoning humanity. Educators are not only injecting children with poison, but they are doing it with filthy, contaminated needles. And worst of all, the rest of the world is following suit.

We are not saying that people do not need to be educated, because they do. We think they do need to be educated, but at their own pace and in their own time. We are saying that children have certain basic human rights which we believe are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, which guarantees each of us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  1. We believe that children have the right under the Constitution of the United States to be educated without being mentally, emotionally and spiritually harmed.
  2. We believe that children have then right under the Constitution of the United States NOT to be graded and categorized by the state.
  3. We believe that children have the right under the Constitution of the United States NOT to be torn out of their homes at the age of 4 or 5 in order to satisfy the state. We believe that children have the right to remain with their parents until they are at least 9 years old and are developmentally ready to leave their parents.
  4. We believe that children have the right under the Constitution of the United States to be given information they can use that will help them in their lives. We believe that children have the right to reject information that confuses them and causes them to fail.
  5. We believe that children have the right under the Constitution of the United States to be with teachers who love them and who are willing to invest themselves in children. We believe that children have the right to be educated in classrooms with proper adult-to-child ratios of no more than 1 adult to 5 children.
  6. We believe that children have the right under the Constitution of the United States to be given those subjects in which they have intense personal interest. **
  7. We believe that children have the right under the Constitution of the United States NOT to be bullied by teachers. We believe that children have the right to be educated without being psychologically threatened, punished and publicly humiliated.
  8. Finally, we believe that it is the obligation and the duty of each state, more than any other existing institution, to secure these basic human rights based on common decency wherever the education of a child is concerned.

** Educators believe that children who exhibit an intense personal interest in something are suffering from a severe mental deformity. Educators think that if a seventh grade girl does not want to do anything but make radios then there is something mentally wrong with her. Educators think that if a sixth grade boy wants to spend most of his time using and working on computers then he is suffering from a mental deformity of some kind. Educators do not realize that it is natural for human beings to become focused on a single subject. Teachers have the idea that human beings should be 'well-rounded." This means that it is the duty and obligation of educators to flood children with information which they do not need and cannot use in order to make the children into more 'well-rounded" people. However, filling children up with information which they do not need and cannot use only causes children to feel confused and to feel like personal failures.

Educators should take a look at physicians and lawyers. Now, physicians and lawyers are considered to be people who have reached the pinnacle of educational success. Yet, most physicians, especially the very good physicians, do not know much about what is going on in the world. They do not have time to read the newspaper all that often and they do not listen to the evening news every day. Their resources are tied up in medicine. Their focus is on medicine and on their patients. If you have ever had lunch with three physicians, you know that the only thing they talk about is medicine. The same thing is true for lawyers and accountants. Their resources are tied up in law and accounting, so they do not have the time, the energy or the interest in being 'well-rounded" as defined by educators.

Homeschooling parents readily recognize the fact that it is natural for children to become intensely interested in a subject and want to use their resources and their time to learn all that they can about that subject. Homeschooled children who are allowed to follow their own natural ways often go through several periods of intense interest in different subjects in the course of their childhood years. But educators, who know nothing about how human beings naturally grow and develop, believe that it is a negligent and heinous act to help children pursue their own natural interests.