Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 Summer 1991 REBOUND Volume 2 

The Logic Of Educators

It is a mistake for any homeschooling parent to defend what he or she is doing before an educator or school official. Any parent who gets into such an argument or debate is destined to lose. Here's why.

Homeschooling parents, like most people, falsely assume that educators are intelligent, compassionate, knowledgeable people who are interested only in the well-being of children. However, educators, as a group, are people who are missing the qualities of intelligence and compassion. Anyone who had real intelligence could not work in the idiotic environment of a public or private school. Anyone with genuine compassion could not bear to torture, threaten and publicly humiliate children every day.

Because educators lack the qualities of intelligence and compassion, they train themselves to wear a sympathetic face mask which many people mistake for compassion. They also train themselves to memorize educational cliches and to recite those cliches whenever what they are doing is questioned or challenged. The research over the last 150 years has repeatedly shown that the current educational system is a dangerous and destructive failure. Rather than shutting this system down, all that educators can do is to reiterate boring educational cliches. One need only listen to media interviews with educators or to attend a teachers' conference to know that this is true.

Now, if you are a homeschooling parent, and you still believe that educators are intelligent people, consider this. It takes the educators in this country 11,000 to 12,000 hours of classroom instruction over a 12 to 14-year period (including preschool and kindergarten) to produce each incompetent, unskilled, aimless, empty-headed high school graduate. Over one-third of these incompetent, unskilled high school graduates cannot pass a high school equivalency exam. Somewhere between 20 and 40 percent of these aimless, empty-headed products of modern education are functionally illiterate. All of this is done at a cost to the taxpayer of approximately $50,000 to $60,000 per graduate.

Educators and school officials believe that this is the best use of this nation's resources. This is the same thing as saying that it takes 5,000 barrels of oil and 40 acres of woodlands to produce 1 bent toothpick. The National Educational Association, the National Association of School Administrators and the local school administrators all agree that this is the best and most efficient way to make a bent toothpick. What will these geniuses think of next?

Homeschooling parents who argue and debate with educators and school officials over the issue of homeschooling also falsely assume that educators are using a rational, reality-oriented logic system in their defense of the existing educational system. Educators are people who live in an internal made-up, contrived mental world which does not respond to anything in reality. School is a fantasy land of make-believe. School is the land of the way things are not. School is the land of the way life is not. Classroom life has no counterpart in physical reality and does not resemble the world outside of the classroom in any way.

In order to keep the current educational system in place, educators have had to develop and maintain a bizarre system of logic. Educators say that illiteracy is wrong, and that all children need to learn to read and write. According to the logic of educators, the best way to accomplish this goal is to take children away from their parents and place them in school at the earliest possible age, in spite of the research evidence which indicates that children do best when they are able to remain with their parents until they are at least 9 years old. Educators' logic says that it is best to take children out of their homes where the ratio is 1 adult to 1, 2 or 3 children and place them in school where the ratios are 1 adult to 25 to 35 children. Educators' logic says that the best way for children to learn to read and write and do math is to force them to memorize unrelated data bits which have no meaning in their lives, in spite of all the research evidence to show that human beings always learn best through direct, practical experiences. Educators' logic also says that children should be forced to do this type of mental activity at the earliest possible age, in spite of all the research which indicates that neither children's brain cells nor their auditory and visual apparatus are developed sufficiently to safely engage in these activities until a child is 9 to 10 years of age. Finally, educators' logic says that children learn best in an environment in which they are continuously graded, threatened and publicly humiliated, in spite of all the research evidence which indicates that all children are psychologically harmed under these conditions.

These solutions to the problem of illiteracy are an abomination. According to this logic, if educators wanted to teach children about the horror and futility of murder, they would randomly choose one student out of the entire student body each day. They would then call that student's parents and tell the parents to come to the school. Then, in front of the parents and the entire student body, the educators would brutally murder the chosen child. They would then repeat this act every day throughout the school year. Students would "get the message" by observing the horror of the scene. But reality tells us that they would only grow numb to it. Educators say that murder is wrong. And in their logic system, the best way to teach children not to murder people is to give them an endless lesson in public random murder.

If the educators in this country were in charge of parking spaces for the handicapped, educators would insist that handicap parking spaces be located at the far end of the parking lot, as far away from the entrance to the building as possible. According to the logic of educators, this is the best way to build character in handicapped people and, after all, everyone knows that character is a good thing.

If a child has a small splinter in the thumb of her left hand, and her thumb shows signs of an infection, educators say that the best thing to do is to cut off the child's arms and legs. This way the infection will be eliminated and the child will never have to run the risk of getting another splinter in her hands or feet. Everyone knows that getting splinters can lead to infection.

By now, you as a homeschooling parent might be saying to yourself that this kind of thinking is crazy. You would be correct. But it is exactly the kind of stinky thinking that keeps the existing educational system in place and it is exactly what you are up against when you argue with an educator or defend homeschooling in front of an educator or school official. Homeschooling parents should not be arguing or debating with educators over whether children should be homeschooled or not. Educators are incapable of an intelligent, reality-oriented response. Educators falsely assume that everyone who graduates from high school is going to do well. This is one of the myths underlying the existing educational structure. What is implied in this myth is that high school graduates do not use drugs, commit crime, become mentally ill, commit suicide, become alcoholics or do dishonest and corrupt things. But the truth is that high school graduates do become drug addicts and alcoholics. They do commit crimes, and they do corrupt and dishonest things. High school graduates do go crazy and they do commit suicide. In fact, statistics show that as the number of high school graduates has increased in this country, so has the rate of drug abuse, alcoholism, gang violence, suicide and mental illness, crime, and corruption and dishonesty. Since 1960, there has been an increase of more than 25 percent in the number of people who graduate from high school in this country every year. And, since 1960, the rate of drug abuse, crime, suicide, gang violence, mental illness and corruption in government and industry has increased at a faster rate than ever before in the history of this nation.

Educators believe that a dishonest stockbroker who has a high school diploma is better off than an honest plumber who was homeschooled. Educators think that a high school graduate who rapes women is better off than a homeschool graduate who leads a decent life. Educators think that an auto mechanic with a high school diploma who ends up in jail because he is caught using his auto shop to launder stolen cars is better off than an honest auto mechanic who was schooled at home. Educators think that anyone who has a high school diploma is better off than a person who has been homeschooled, no matter how mentally and emotionally destroyed the high school graduate may be.

Educators and school administrators are not intelligent people. It is not their fault. They are victims of their own educational system in which intelligent thinking is not allowed. Their denial of reality is as high as it can possibly be when it comes to defending their system. What educators need is a good mental swat to jolt them out of their fantasy land of educational falsehoods and fabrications. What homeschooling parents need to say to educators is, "You get an 'F'. The system which you have instituted and now maintain is a systemic failure. Your solutions to this failure are the same solutions that educators and school officials proposed 50 and 100 years ago! We're telling you that cars with square tires won't roll on their own. Your solution, rather than to put a round wheel on the car (which is what we homeschoolers have done), is to use the taxpayers money to build all roads at an 80 degree angle so that we can push the cars with the square wheels downhill!"

Educators, because they are lacking the quality of intelligence, believe that they can do anything. They think that if you are going to teach children how to read and write that it is perfectly okay to destroy them mentally and emotionally in the process of teaching these things. Educators cannot deal with ordinary reality. They cannot deal with the fact that if you are going to build a house, you have to start with a foundation. Educators think that you can just go ahead and build a roof first even if you have to suspend the roof from four cranes. After all, every house needs a roof.

Educators think that you can just go ahead and take children away from their parents prematurely and force them to do mental things before they are physically developed enough to perform these tasks safely. According to the logic of educators, you can just go ahead and build your house on swamplands. After all, the land is cheap and this location provides such a natural setting.

Educators say that since steel is stronger than aluminum we can just go ahead and make our airplanes out of steel and ignore the necessity of proper wing loading. Educators say that since magnesium, when properly reinforced, is light and strong, we can just go ahead and build boats out of magnesium. We should just ignore the fact that magnesium dissolves in salt water.

Educators are lost in the same way that the Nazis were lost. The Nazis had many arguments and debates over how to exterminate the Jews. Human beings should not be invoked in arguments and debates of this nature. Educators have many arguments and debates over how to destroy children. Educators, for example, debate over how to best teach five-year-olds how to read. But five-year-olds do not belong in schools. Five-year-olds belong with their parents, and they have much more pressing business than learning how to read, which is outside the understanding of educators. Human beings should not be involved in such debates and discussions.

The Nazis should not have been killing the Jews. But once the Nazis stepped through the door of madness and accepted the obliteration of the Jews, the Nazis were then trapped in their own madness. Similarly, educators should not be harming children in the name of literacy. But once educators step through the door of madness and accept the harming of children in the name of literacy, the educators are trapped in their own madness. Any homeschooling parent who argues or debates with an educator or school official over whether or not their homeschooled child is receiving a proper education, has stepped through the door of educational madness and is hopelessly trapped.

Educators and school officials, because they operate out of such a bizarre logic system, are incapable of responding to homeschooling parents and to the fact that homeschooling is the superior form of education. The greatest weakness of all educators and school officials is that they are political cowards. The reason for this is that educators and school officials are civil servants who have been hired by the citizens of their communities to do a job. All educators and school officials know that their system is a failure and that they are failing to do what they were hired to do. Every educator and school official lives in fear of being discovered. They know that if they are confronted and have to stand their ground, their failed system is no better than quicksand.

According to the logic of educators, if you build a house In the desert, it is a good idea to put in a glass roof. After all, everyone knows that it is good to have a lot of light in each room. And the glass, which allows the sunlight in, is a real advantage on a cold day.
According to the logic of educators, if you are going on vacation and you think that your home is In danger of being burglarized, the best thing to do is burn your house to the ground before you go away.
According to the logic of educators, the best solution to the debate over the use of capital punishment is to eliminate this nation's legal system.
According to the logic of educators, water should be substituted for gasoline. First of all, water is much cheaper, and using water will greatly reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in our atmosphere. It will also make us less dependent on the Middle East for our oil. Secondly, instead of riding inside of the car, all the passengers can now push the car, thus receiving the benefit of the exercise.