Gentle Wind School Newsletters
 Summer 1991 REBOUND Volume 2 


Children, by their nature, have a natural, ongoing need to build, make and create things. This is a universal need, readily observable in children of all societies throughout the world. Educators refuse to recognize this need in children. In fact, they have devised an educational system that not only prohibits children from building, making and creating things, but which in a very short time permanently destroys each child's ability and interest in building, making and creating things in the physical world.

Most of the toys that are available in this country are useless to children. Most toys reflect the dysfunctional nature of the educational system because they do not provide children with any opportunity to build or make or create anything. Under the influence of modern education, toy manufacturers generally produce toys in which the function of the toy has already been predetermined by the manufacturer. "Go-bots" and all the other popular "transformer" toys on the market are perfect examples of this. The function of the "Go-bot" is not created by the child. There is nothing that children can build or make or create with a "Go-bot." its function has already been completely predetermined.

On the other hand, certain kinds of trucks, building blocks, erector sets and dolls for both girls and boys do not have a predetermined function. The structure has been created by the toy manufacturer but the function is left up to the child. Building blocks and erector sets allow children to create and build and become invoked with the physical world. Even dolls allow children to become involved with them. Trucks that can be filled up with dirt, rocks and sticks that can be hauled away and dumped someplace allow children to become involved. A child will forgive a toy that has been structurally created by someone else as long as the child can determine the function. But a child cannot forgive a toy whose function has been completely determined by someone else outside of himself or herself.

Most toys are dead-end toys. They would more accurately be called trinkets. Some trucks are dead-end toys. A tank truck, for example, must be functional to be of any real value. It must have a tank that can be filled up with water or liquid that can be hauled around, and a real hose so that the water can be released. To give a child a tank truck that does not hold water or a "Go-bot" or any such trinket is the same thing as selling a person a television set with only one channel that broadcasts only one program all day long. If you had such a television set, you would not forgive it. You would throw the television set away or you would demand a refund.

Most so-called toys today are, in reality, elaborate high-tech trinkets designed by people who were themselves destroyed by the educational system, and who are themselves incapable of creative, original thought. Trinkets that are sold as toys are manufactured by people who were trained in business schools in the manufacture, distribution and sales of "widgets." These are people who went to business school to make money, but who had no real interest in how a real product is made, distributed or sold. There was a time when people who liked something such as heavy machinery and were truly fascinated with its design, function and use went into the business of manufacturing such giant machines as bulldozers and tractors. But under the influence of modern education, business school graduates, like all graduates of this aberrant system, are nothing but plain vanilla robots who have no love, no heart and no passion for anything. To plain vanilla robots all products are the same. All products are widgets because educated business people have no interest in function--only in profit. Most toy manufacturers, as business school graduates, are interested only in producing faddish widgets, not functional, useful toys.

If parents want to do the right things with their children, they will not allow anything into the house whose function has been previously determined by a toy manufacturer. If the function is already predetermined, the trinket will have the effect of stopping the child from becoming involved in the physical world. "Go-bots" and "G.I. Joe's" deaden the human consciousness in the same way that attending school deadens the consciousness. The ideas underlying the educational system that cause it to deaden the consciousness come out of religious ideas and values. Judaism and Christianity both come out of a place where ideas are all locked up and where religious leaders claim to have everything all figured out. Jesus tried to tell people that they did not have everything all figured out and that they had a real mess on their hands, but no one listened. Religions assume that people need to be told what to do, what to think, what not to think, when to pray, what to read, what to feel what to say, where to go and so forth.

In religions, people are expected to go along with a predetermined set of ideas and not to question or challenge those ideas. If the Pope had ordered the extermination of the Jews in the way that Adolph Hitler did, many Catholics would happily have gone along with him. These same kinds of assumptions underlie the educational system. The educational system assumes that human beings have no intelligence, no natural interests, no gifts and no minds of their own.

Most toys on the market today are an outcropping of these assumptions and beliefs. The toys themselves assume that children have no intelligence, no natural interests, no skills and nothing unique and individual that they as human beings might want to express. Again, if parents want to do the right thing by their children, they will not allow elaborate, high tech trinkets that deaden the consciousness into the house. Children would be better off with just a few good and real toys than with trinkets that cause them to shut down their natural interests in the world.