Gentle Wind School Newsletters

The Gentle Wind School Newsletters are a set of education-related newsletters that were published by the Gentle Wind School in Surry, Maine, from 1989 - 1991. These newsletters are an extremely radical indictment of the very idea of "school".

A total of six newsletters were issued. The first four were entitled "Great Education Moves" and were published during 1989. The last two were entitled "REBOUND" (Redeeming Education By Observing Universal Natural Development), and were not dated. A reasonable guess is that volume 1 was issued in 1990 and volume 2 sometime in 1991. In January 1999, the newsletters were scanned in and converted to html for posting on the Internet, producing the content you are now reading.

Because the Gentle Wind School is no longer in operation, their address, phone number, requests for comments, etc. have been ommitted.

Here are three important warnings:

  • Warning: the Gentle Wind newsletters have a liberal orientation and contain many gratuitous insults to conservative political figures, as well as other slights against the conservative/libertarian view. Of course, if you ARE a liberal then this would be a plus.
  • Warning: these newsletters also insult just about everyone and everything, especially school teachers and the public school system, politicians, parents, leaders of the homeschooling movement, and even psychotherapists and physicians! Fortunately, with the exception of politicians, names are usually not mentioned. In one or two cases where names were used, they have been changed to fictitious names.
  • Warning: some of the same people that were part of the Gentle Wind School went on to become involved in The Gentle Wind Project (see link for further information).

Warnings aside, however, these newsletters demonstrate, in a very powerful way, why school causes irreparable harm to children and why all parents should therefore give the homeschooling alternative serious consideration. Furthermore, they will confont you with the fact that you were severely damaged when you attended school as a child, in ways that you can never fully recover from even decades later. Please don't put your kids through the suffering that you had to endure!

[Notes that have been added to the scanned-in text are formatted in the same way as this paragraph.]

The following text appears at the beginning of each issue of the Gentle Wind Newsletters. It provides permission to upload the newsletters to the Internet.

The Gentle Wind School is a service project that is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the world today. We function completely on the basis of donations, and do not charge any fees for our work.

!Help Yourself!

The Gentle Wind School has obtained copyrights on all of the material contained in this newsletter. However, this is not an attempt on our part to own this information. These ideas belong to everyone. The destruction being caused by modern education is far too serious for anyone to try to hang on to these ideas.

If you are writing a book or newsletter of your own, feel free to take anything you want from this publication. You need not request our permission and you can claim it as your own if you like. How people come to hear this information makes no difference to us. We only ask that you not attempt to prevent anyone else, including us, from using these ideas in the future. Other than that, help yourself!

Table of Contents

Great Education Moves

February 1, 1989     Volume 1 Number 1

Great Education Moves

April 10, 1989     Volume 1 Number 2

Great Education Moves

August 30, 1989     Volume 1 Number 3

Great Education Moves

December 10, 1989     Volume 1 Number 4


Redeeming Education By Observing Universal Natural Development([No date appears on the newsletter - circa 1990?]

Volume 1

The greatest tragedy facing humanity today is that the real problems of this educational system are being concealed by the media's presentation of isolated trivia and vanity reports that portray the education of our youth as if it were improving, while in reality this educational system continues to destroy whole generations of children.


Redeeming Education By Observing Universal Natural Development[No date appears on the newsletter -probably published near the end of 1991]

Volume 2

If the centrally-planned, totalitarian state policy toward children, cloaked under the rubric of education, can claim the right to destroy children by violating all of the known principles of psychology and physiology regarding the proper care of children, then surely homeschooling parents can claim the right not to destroy their children and to provide them with a form of education proven superior by every research standard.