formerly the
Canadian Homeschool Resource Page*

This is an informational website on Canadian home based learning (homeschooling*) resources, support, projects and events, as well as the "home school"* laws and regulations that apply to each Canadian province and territory.

To help you find what you're looking for, we've organized the site into several sections. Visit the appropriate provincial section for information specific to the province or territory where you live, and explore the Canada-wide pages for general information common to all.

* A note about our change in name

There are several different terms used in reference to home based options in childhood learning. "Homeschool" is one of the most commonly used ones and was the first one we adopted.

The switch in our name from the term "homeschool" to the phrase "home based learning" reflects the fact that, while some parents do indeed take a structured classroom approach to home education, many of us do not replicate school at home. The term "home based learning" is broad enough to encompass both "school at home" and "unschooling" approaches, and any other pedagogies and styles in-between.


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