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The Parksville Qualicum homeschool group has a Yahoogroup which serves as online support for local homeschool events such as soccer, and meets in the park etc.
Contact: Anita
Phone: 250 468 5400


The Fraser Valley Christian Home Educators in British Columbia, Canada share ideas, recipes, encouragement, support and resources. Questions/Answers are posted as well as items for sale, rent, wanted, etc. Group play dates or field trips are organized and new friendships are made. Support group meeting time and dates are posted for local homeschool support.


East Kootenays Homeschoolers is a group to help support homeschoolers with discussion about various difficulties, dealing with family, meeting others in the area, going on "field trips" etc. Hopefully it can help create a sense of community that many of us are looking for.


Join Unschooling-Spirituality to discuss aspects of unschooling and facets of spirituality and how they entwine into a typical day in life.


Join HS-resources List for focused discussions on books, videos and other homeschooling resources. .


Join BCUnschoolers List for discussions on unschooling in BC whether as an educational approach or as a more encompassing lifestyle approach. Please no flaming or judgment about all the different ways there are to bring unschooling into our lives. This list will hopefully lead to meetings, playgroups and field trips for us unschoolers in BC. Come and join us!


Join the BC Home Learners' Association list for discussion of issues and events specific to BC Homeschoolers. All BC homelearners are welcome, whether BCHLA members or not. This list is moderated and expected to be fairly low-traffic if people respect the requests for on-topic posts.
To subscribe follow this link to the BCHLA web site.


Join the BCHLA DEL Learning list for discussion and for DEL-enrolled home-based education in British Columbia. While BCHLA supports minimal government intervention and cannot advocate for DEL enrollees on a political or legal basis, we recognize that facilitating a school-based program at home has many practical similarities to traditional registered homeschooling. This list provides a place for BC parents to discuss practical issues in the specific light of DEL enrollment. This list is moderated by a DEL participant and BCHLA directors.
To subscribe follow this link to the BCHLA web site.


Join lots of other BCers on the HS-Ca list. This is a Canada-wide general-discussion homeschool list with high volume and a strong community feel.


Join the HS-Van list for Greater Vancouver area homeschoolers/ homelearners. This is a great place to share plans, ideas, local events and resources, as well as support for new homeschoolers.


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