School Options for BC Home-Based Learners

This page lists information about schools which register and/or have been supportive of homeschooling, and information about distance education options available currently in the province for which we have the relevant information. If you know of any other institutions willing to register Homeschoolers, please let us know . There are several e-bus type electronic-school programs throughout the province which we would like to list here.



Anchor Academy

7201 Hurst Road
Salmon Arm BC V1E 2P7
Phone: 1-888-917-3783
Email: anchor@ (add to complete the email address)
Christian Education programs and curriculum for K-12 students. If you're a BC resident, you can either register as an independent homeschooler or enrol in the Distributed Learning Program. If you live outside of BC or Canada, you can enrol in the International Program.


Burnaby LOOP (Learning Options Online Program)
604-664-2526 toll free 1-888-479-8882


Campbell River Christian School

Campbell River Christian School is a registered independent Christian school.
Regarding registration and books please contact Janet Rainbow.
Campbell River Christian School 250 S. Dogwood St.
Campbell River, BC, V9W 6Y7
PHONE: 250-287-4266

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Christian Home Education in the Kootenays (CHEK)

810 - 10th St.
Nelson BC V1L 3C7
Phone: 250-352-0565
Email: chek@ (add to complete the email address)
A faith-based (non-denominational evangelical Christian) home schooling program for families in the Kootenays, CHEK is operated by the Nelson Christian School Society which also operates the brick and mortar Nelson Christian Community School. A teacher assigned to your area partners with you to ensure your children are meeting the BC learning outcomes.

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Christian Homelearner's eStreams (CHeS)

Box 162
Grindrod BC V0E 1Y0
Phone: 838.5979
Toll Free: 1.877.777.1547
Fax: 250.838.5979
Email: info@ (add to complete the email address)
Scripture-based, fully accredited, K-12 independent school. Offers both a Distributed Learning (DL) option and a Registered Homeschooling option, as well as a Canadian Homelearners Program for those not residing in BC.

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Collaborative Educational Alternative Program (C.E.A.P.)

School District 69 (Qualicum)
A grade K-12 program offered to families living in the central Vancouver Island region.
Parents, children and BC certified teachers work and learn together to create individualized educational programs which adhere to Ministry of Education directives, learning outcomes and reporting procedures.
For more information please visit or contact:
Telephone: CEAP K-7 (250) 248-4970
Telephone: CEAP 8-12 (250) 248-5721 (303)

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Distance Education - B.C. Ministry of Education - B.C. Correspondence Schools

Distance Education School of the Kootenays (DESK)

570 Johnstone Road
RR #1, Nelson, B.C. V1L 5P4
Telephone: (604) 354-4311 fax: 354-6629
Toll-free: 1-800-663-4614
Principal: Robert McLure E-mail:
For all students in School Districts
5, 6, 8, 10, 20, 51

South Central Interior Distance Education School

Post Office Bag 4700, Stn. Main
2475 Merritt Ave.
Merritt, B.C. V1K 1B8
Telephone: (250) 378-4245 fax: (250) 378-1447
Toll-free: 1-800-663-3536
Principal: Paul Montgomery
For all students in Schools Districts
19, 22, 23, 53, 58, 67, 73, 74, 83

Central Interior Distance Education School

Bag Service 7400
1788 Diefenbaker St.
Prince George, B.C. V2N 4V7
Telephone: (250) 563-1818 fax: (250)563-1150
Toll-free: 1-800-661-7515
Principal: Annette Isbester
For all students in School Districts
27, 28, 49, 57, 91

Fraser Valley Distance Education School

49520 Prairie Central Road
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 6H3
Telephone: (604) 794-7310 fax: 795-8480
Toll-free: 1-800-663-3381
Principal: Peter Brown
For all students in School Districts
33, 34, 35, 36, 42, 43, 75, 78

Greater Vancouver Distance Education School

530 East 41st Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V5W 1P3
Telephone: (604) 713-5520 fax: (604) 713-5528
Principal: Ken Harvey
For all students in School Districts
37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 44, 45, 46, 48

North Island Distance Education School

2080 Wallace Avenue
Comox, B.C. V9M 1W9
Telephone: (250) 339-6110 fax: (250) 339-5555 Toll-free: 1-800-663-7925
Principal: Dave White
For all students in School Districts
47, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 84, 85, and other provinces (except Saskatchewan) and other countries.

North Coast Distance Education School

Bag 5000
3211 Kenney Street (Corner Kenney and Highway 16 West)
Terrace, B.C. V8G 5K2
Telephone: (250) 635-7944 fax: (250) 638-2399
Toll-free: 1-800-663-3865
Principal: Joe Vander Kwaak
For all students in School Districts.
50, 52, 54, 82, 92

Northern B.C. Distance Education School

10704 - 97 Avenue
Fort St. John, B.C. V1J 6L7
Telephone: (250) 785-1333 fax: (250) 785-1188
Toll-free: 1-800-663-9511
Principal: Ann McColl
For all students in School Districts
59, 60, 81, 87, and in the Yukon

South Island Distance Education School

4575 Wilkinson Road
Victoria, B.C. V8Z 7E8
Telephone: (250) 704-4979
Fax: (250) 479-9870
Principal: John Pringle
E-mail: jpringle@ (add to complete the email address)
For all students in School Districts
61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66 and in Saskatchewan

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EBUS Academy

EBUS is an established leader in distance learning that currently enrolls students ranging from Kindergarten to Adult.

The Online learning environment provides control, flexibility and the opportunity for students to work at their own pace according to their individual learning style. As the learning experience is built around the student's needs, timetables and personal goals, EBUS Academy students frequently find that they are able to perform better in the online environment. EBUS Academy students utilize their home computer and access to the internet to work with their online teacher to complete grade level learning objectives. Certified public school teachers guide and assess student's progress to provide a quality education in your home.

We pride ourselves on a very strong online school community. A high level of communication between students, parents and EBUS staff is maintained at all times through email, telephone and virtual classrooms. We encourage and support parent and student involvement on both our Parent Advisory Council and the EBUS Student Council.

As a BC Accredited Public School, there is no fee for BC residents. Student learning resources are provided to students at no charge.

For more information:
Manu Madhok, Principal
Bag 8000
187 East Victoria Street
Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A2
mmadhok@ (add to complete the email address)

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Fraser Valley Regional Library

Live Homework Help powered by This online program is available for free for students grades 4 - 12 & college intro., it covers math, science, social studies and English. The site is open everyday from 3:00-10:00 pm. Check it out on their website


Hands-On Home Learning (Oak and Orca)

2738 Higgins Street
Victoria BC V8T 3N1
Phone: (250) 383-6619 (Victoria residents)
Toll free: (888) 383-6619 (outside of Victoria)
E-mail: hands-on@ (add to complete the email address)

This school is a fully-funded, certified independent school offering a free hands-on home-learning program. Their goal is to support and challenge children to learn, without pressure. Learning strategies and activities are offered as a choice in response to a child's own interests and learning goals. You will have ongoing contact with a certified teacher for strategies, ideas and inspiration. An expense budget is provided for resources and educational classes.


Heritage Christian Online School

905 Badke Road
Kelowna, BC V1X 5Z5
Telephone: 250-862-2376
or 1-877-862-2375
Fax: 250-762-9277
Email: info@ (add to complete the email address)
Website for other schools to use their materials:
" We are a Christian School that both registers and enrolls home learners into a full Grade K to 12 program. We offer our families the opportunity to use their own faith-based curriculum together with a BC Certified Teacher or, after Grade 5 take our Online Courses with specialized teachers. hosts these courses for use in Christian Schools with our teachers or can be used by their own teachers." Greg Bitgood Superintendent


Hume Park Learning

K-8 Home Learning Centre with under 150 students.
BC certified teachers facilitate classroom activities, outdoor programs, music programs, art and academic programs, and provide support for home learning. All Hume Park Learning Centre teachers have each had their own children in the program. The environment is caring, supportive, and respectful - celebrating student and family individuality. Parent involvement in classrooms is welcome and encouraged. Register at any time during the year.
Contact: Karen Blackburn
Phone: 604-517-5917


IDEAL Mini School Program (Vancouver)

If you have a homeschooler who wants to enter university but might need to complete her/his high school diploma first, or a student who wants to get some classroom experience before entering university, Ideal Mini School can provide your child with a complete academic programme in an enriched, small group learning environment. The high school, with approximately 110 students, emphasizes personal responsibility and the development of independence and self-confidence. Its goal is to recognize the individuality and creative potential of each person in the school while encouraging cooperative and sensitive interaction.
phone : 604-325-4117
address: 855 West 59th Avenue, Vancouver

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Independent School DEL Programs

Delivered Electronic Learning (DEL) programs are available through several Independent schools in BC as well as through many public school districts.
For more information on the Independent DELs, please see

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Island Pacific Odyssey

A grade 10 experiential education program developed by the Renaissance II Liberal Education Society. The program runs for the full school year.

The Odyssey program is designed to present young people with a series of significant academic, physical, and social challenges in an effort to help them make rich transition from adolescence to adulthood.

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Kamloops Christian School

They are willing to register homeschoolers from anywhere in the province.

KCS provides (some fees may apply):

Contact: Linda McGrath
Home Education Coordinator
c/o Kamloops Christian School
750 Cottonwood Avenue
Kamloops, BC V2B 3X3
Telephone: 250-376-6900

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Kleos Open Learning
205-251 Lawrence Ave
Kelowna, BC V1Y 6L2
Family-centred, child-centred, learning-style-centred.


Pacific Spirit School
Pacific Spirit School offers a hands off approach to homeschool registration. For more information please contact Ann-Marie Gasher amgasher.pacificspirit@ (add to complete the email address) or leave a message at the school at at (604) 222-1900.


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The Nanaimo Christian School

198 Holland Road
Nanaimo BC
Tel. 250-754-4512

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The Oak and Orca Bioregional School

see Hands-On Home Learning

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PIE (Partners in Education) Program

Individual Student Learning Plans are developed which can involve your choice of the following options: complete home delivery of curriculum, enrollment in select district courses (direct or online), full-time enrollment in district online learning, or full- or part-time enrollment in distance education programs. A district teacher assesses and evaluates student learning.

For more information, contact:
Partners In Education Program
4351 Ontario Avenue
Powell River BC V8A 1V3
Phone: (604) 485-6271 Ext. 2239
Fax: (604) 485-4895
Program Coordinator: Pat Lewis
Email: plewis@ (add to complete the email address)


Partners in Learning

A parent initiated public school program in Chemainus in School District 79 (Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island)

Kindergarten to Grade 7 students attend the Partners In Learning class at Chemainus Elementary School part-time, and learn part-time at home. Classroom attendance is three days a week and focuses on reading, writing and mathematics. Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, and P.E. are the focus of the homeschool portion of the program. The multi-age composition of the class is intended to facilitate the development of social skills.


Regent Christian Online School

Serves the homeschooling community in British Columbia, but with a special focus on Vancouver Island and the lower Mainland. Administration, teachers and support staff are all committed Christians. The goal is "to honour God with a program of integrity that will serve home-based learning with maximum flexibility." Resource Centres and weekly classes in Victoria, Duncan, Port Alberni, Surrey and Abbotsford. Supports Registered Homeschoolers as well as DL families.

Principal: Mark Langley
Phone: 250-592-1759 (Victoria)
Toll-free: 1-866-877-1737
Email: mlangley@ (add to complete the email address)



SelfDesign-ISK Learning Community is a centre for independent thinking and learning. Our learner centred approach, inquiry based Liberal Arts curriculum and individual mentorship are the ingredients for deep learning and new ways of thinking.

We offer year round online high school courses and a full graduation programů and more. Online learning takes place through a combination of two approaches:

Online Courses

Online Learning Groups

In addition to continual entry into courses, we offer three yearly sessions for learning groups and workshops.

More information available at:
SelfDesign-ISK Learning Community
402 Victoria St. Upstairs
Nelson, BC V1L 4K5
phone: (250) 354-1310
fax: 1-866-910-8869
info@ (add to complete the email address)


Surrey Connect Program

Located at:
Curriculum and Instructional Services Centre
7532 - 134A Street
Surrey, BC V3W 7J1
Phone: 604- 590-2255
Fax: 604-590-2588
Principal: Dr. Glenn Galy

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Vancouver Christian School
and Carver Christian High School

The Vancouver Christian School (KG to grade 8) is happy to register homeschooling families. Our high school, Carver Christian, also offers flexible programmes and opportunities for home learning students. Please give us a call and let us know how we can help your students achieve their learning goals.

Dan Dowber, Development Director

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Wildwood Educational Enrichment Centre

"Wildwood in Fort Langley offers 6-week courses during the fall, winter and spring and one-week camps during spring break and summer months. Kids at Wildwood learn to love learning! Wildwood offers a wide range of courses for children ages 6-12 every Thursday and art classes on Wednesdays. Also new this fall will be parent and child bookclubs. Take a look at our website to see the exciting things we do!"

For further information, please call Terry Stafford: 604-888-2766 or email: lifelonglearner@ (add to complete the email address)


Windsor House School

Windsor House School is an alternative public school that welcomes people with homeschooling backgrounds. Windsor House is democratically run and non-coercive, and offers flexible programs. The school's approach is similar to the "unschooling" approach in homeschooling, but it is not a "free school". Windsor House is open primarily to students 5 to 18 years of age, (though only officially to grade 9)and provides classes for mixed ages. The school is ideal for self-directed learners who can regulate their own behaviour. Windsor House is a parent participation school. (Younger siblings may accompany their parents.)

Windsor House is located (as of July 2004) in the North Wing of the Lucas Centre, 2132 Hamilton Ave., North Vancouver. (We have families who carpool from outside of the area.) For more information phone Lynn Middleton at 604-984-8020 or Windsor House at 604-903-3366.

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Wondertree has been registering homelearners since 1989 with a mandate to offer support, networking and information for those making this choice and taking this kind of responsibility for their children's education.

Wondertree now offers "Wondernet Eco-Village" free to all homeschoolers whether registered with Wondertree School or not. (The village now has a capacity for a maximum of 1000 users) This is a "virtual on-line learning community" BBS where homelearners and their families can meet homelearners from all over the place in a respectful, supportive environment. More information about this and their SelfDesign Learning Community can be found at

For More Information Contact:
Wondertree Foundation for Natural Learning
Wondertree Homelearners' Network
Box 38083 Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4L9

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