British Columbia Support Groups

Provincial Organizations

BC Home Learners™ Association

BCHLA is a non-profit organization that was registered in 1988 as an umbrella group to represent all home schooling families regardless of their philosophical or religious beliefs. Since inception, BCHLA has been a grassroots movement, involving individual home educators and families.

BCHLA was founded to protect the individual rights of parents to choose the home education option and to conduct their child's education according to their individual choices.

This organization has established and maintained credible dialogue with the Ministry of Education over the years, and stands firm in their commitment to protect the current Home school legislation in BC.

BCHLA also educates the public, lawyers, social workers, media etc. about home schooling and has provided support and advice to families facing legal action where home schooling is an issue, and much more.

(Jan 2005)


BC Home School Association

BCHSA is a registered society endeavouring to inform, support and encourage families choosing to provide their child with a home-based education.

BCHSA organizes the annual BC Home School Convention.

(Apr 2008)


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Vancouver Island Support Groups

Comox/Campbell River area - Ignite the Fire

A Christian Homeschool Support Group which meets the last Thursday of each month, with the exception of special days and holidays, when it is the third Thursday. The meeting is from 7:00 till 9:00 p.m. We also come together for field trips and shared activities. For more information and location contact normaof3@ (add to complete the email address) or 250-287-7919.

(April 2004)


Campbell River and Area Homeschoolers Network

Please feel free to call for more information in regards to home schooling, support groups, related activities and field trips. Contact: Norma Bomske email normaof3@ (add to complete the email address) 250-287-7919

(April 2004)


Comox Valley Homeschoolers

Connect through the Facebook group:

(Jan 2014)


Cowichan Valley Christian HS Group

Monthly meetings, phone list, lending library, various weekly activities + field trips, sports days, Xmas family night, All ages welcome Feel free to contact Meg Belanger 250-748-5998 email: jmbelanger@ (add to complete the email address) for more information.

(Jan 2005)


Cowichan Valley Home Learners' Support Group

Members of this group come together to share and support one another and take great care in respecting the privacy of each family. Contact: Juanita Haddad, 746-5129

(Sept 2003)


Home Learning Victoria (VicHomeLearn)

Home Learning Victoria (VicHomeLearn) is an inclusive, free group for all Victoria BC area families who homeschool. Families can share local information, connect with one another, and have respectful conversations about homeschooling, home learning, unschooling, deschooling, parenting, fabulous resources... and so on! All members with a direct interest in homeschooling or home learning are welcome!

Visit our website at to join.

For more information about Home Learning in Victoria, please visit our website:

(July 2010)


Nanaimo Community Home Learners

We meet the first Thursday of each month, from September through June. Meetings are held at the Nanaimo Alliance Church, 1609 Meredith Road. The doors open at 7:00, at which time one can sign up for field trips, browse through our lending library, purchase from vendors, pick up a newsletter, visit, and grab a coffee.

The meeting starts at 800. The first portion of the meeting covers business: announcements, upcoming events, information exchange, etc. After this, at about 8:15, we will explore the evening's topic, which might be discussion groups, or listening to a speaker. The meeting closes at 9:00. Visit our website at

(Jan 2004)


Parksville - Homeschool Community (Dist. 69)

We have a Yahoogroup which serves as online support for local homeschool events such as soccer, and meets in the park etc.
Contact: Anita
Phone: 250 468 5400

(May 2005)


The Victoria Homelearners Network

VHLN is comprised of home learning families who want to connect with other home learners in Victoria and the surrounding communities. For information on how to join the Network visit our website at If you still have questions, you are welcome to contact us through the form on our website.

(June 2007)


Victoria Christian Home Educators

Victoria Christian Home Educators provides online and offline support and resources for homeschooling and home learning families in the Greater Victoria BC area. We would love it if you would come and get to know us. Please visit our website and sign up for membership.

(May 2013)

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Greater Vancouver Area Support Groups

Christian Home Educators Association of Richmond (CHEAR)

CHEAR is a Christian, parent led, field trip based co-op. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of most months. As parents we each take a month and plan a field trip for the 4th Wednesday. The second Wednesday we meet and prepare the children for the upcoming field trip. We are flexible in the presentation, but typically there is presentation of information on the selected topic, a craft and/or an activity. For more information please contact us at chearhomeleaners@ (add to complete the email address).

(November 2014)


Greater Vancouver Homelearners Network

This group has been serving Homelearners since the early 90's. Currently we meet Online on HS-Van mailing list and in Real Life during the many activities we organize. Vist the website at

You are also welcome to phone Melissa Hodges at 604-874-7716 or email at (add to complete the email address) if you want to get information about homeschooling/ homelearning in the Greater Vancouver Area.

(June 2011)


Kerrisdale Group, Vancouver

All homeschooling styles are welcome although the focus will be on a child-led approach. If you would like to join, please call Christine, 604-266-2201.

(July 2004)


Kitsilano Group, Vancouver.

This group will meet the third Monday of each month at 7:00pm. This support group is open to all homelearning families but hopes to focus on the sharing of resources. This is a parent only group with nursing infants welcome and asks that members make a commitment to attend regularly. We're looking forward to socializing, discussing our favourite resources, and helping each other through the ups and downs of homelearning and parenting in general. There is still room for one or two more people in this group. Anyone interested should call Heather at 604/879-9233.

(Sept 2004)


New Life Home School Association - Burnaby

We meet on the first Monday of each month (2nd Monday in September and January). We are a Christian group (though open to anyone) with monthly meetings for parents with information, discussions, and fellowship. We also offer family field trips each month and an extensive library. Contact Alanna at 604-444-5740 or email info@ (add to complete the email address) or check out our website:

(updated Oct. 2009)


Nordel Homelearners' Co-op

We currently meet on Friday afternoons in North Delta. Parents share responsibility for short programs on a variety of topics followed by free play time. From time to time we have parent support meetings and other outings. This group welcomes people of all persuasions into fun and respectful interaction.

(Feb 2011)


North Shore Homelearners Group

Families in the group (currently over 35 members) come from all over the North Shore, as well as Burnaby and Vancouver. Kids' ages range from newborn up to late teen. Group is run by volunteers. Regular get-togethers which allow both the children and the parents to build relationships with each other. Group activities and monthly field trips. Monthly meetings are held on the third Monday of every month.
Contacts: Pam Dougan t9848188@ (add to complete the email address)
Monique McCordic macsou@ (add to complete the email address)
and Erin Newbery enewbery@ (add to complete the email address)

(Feb 2006)


South Delta Home Learners

Our group has an annual membership fee of $10. Communication within our group about events etc is through a Yahoo group email for members. Adult support meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 hosted at varying locations (a member's home). The SDHL supports over 50 families and is very active with field trips and other organized events (swimming lessons, science fair, biography fair, international dinner, gymnastics, art class, etc.) For more information, please visit or contact Sabrina at 604-940-5510 or SDHL-info@ (add to complete the email address)

(updated Feb 2014)


Squamish Homelearners

Contact Anne Iacovone maiacovone@ (add to complete the email address) or 604-892-9300

(Jan 2005)


Traditional Learning Connection (TLC)

Location: Richmond, BC
Contact: Jennifer
Phone: 604-231-9672
email: heavenlysentmail@ (add to complete the email address)

A homeschool connection & support group for homeschooling families. Christian or morally-concerned parents, who want to have the best for their children! Free play, discussion and socializing opportunities. May include potlucks and other activities. Health-conscious active kids and parents - no enrollment fees, no obligations - Just Fun!

(Apr 2010)


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Fraser Valley Support Groups

Abbotsford Christian Homeschool Association

We meet the third Thursday of each month. Contact Wendy Livingstone at abbychristianhomeschool@ (add to complete the email address) Web site coming soon!

(Oct 2004)


Catholic Homeschoolers of the Fraser Valley

Contact: Glen & Therese McDonald - 855-5961. Covers Langley east to Chilliwack.

(Sept 2003)


Chilliwack Homelearners' Support Group

New families welcome. We are a non-sectarian group that is very informal. Kids are always welcome at our meetings. We have regular outings.

(Apr 2008)


Homelearners South of the Fraser

We have a monthly meeting in the daytime and some evening meetings according to attendance. We have members mainly from Surrey, Langley and Delta. Our meetings are are informal and non-religious. Everyone is welcome. The group also offers a newsletter and a variety of activities. For information browse or e-mail Cynthia Waiz at waiz@ (add to complete the email address)

(Jan 2005)


Homeschoolers of Mission, Etc. (H.O.M.E.)

Contact Wendy Van Den Berg at eandw@ (add to complete the email address), or 604-826-4698.

(Feb 2006)


Langley Home Educators Association (LHEA)

We are a support group with a Christian Perspective that meets the third Monday of the month, September - November, January - May (4th week if the third is a holiday). Meetings are for adults and are at 7:30 with time to peruse our library before moving on to business, then a speaker, activity or discussion. In December members' children can participate in a craft day. In June we host a talent night of dance, drama, music, poetry or what have you and a sports day and potluck lunch, free to members but open to all. Members also organize field trips. Join us, no matter what your homeschool style, at the Langley Evangelical Free Church (NW corner of 48th Ave & 208th St) or e-mail lheagroup@ (add to complete the email address) for more information.

(Apr 2012)


Ridge Meadows Home Learners Group
"Our members are diversified in beliefs, experiences and backgrounds. The group is open to all homeschoolers to join us in the community of homelearning."

Contact Eva Kwong eva.kwong@ (add to complete the email address)

(Oct 2007)


Surrey Heritage Home Learners Christian Support Group
We meet on the second Monday of each month, Sept to June. See our website for location. We serve families in the Surrey, North Delta, and New Westminster area.

heritagehomelearners1987@ (add to complete the email address)

(Aug 2012)


TORCH West Fraser Valley

Contact: Pat & Maureen Krump - 521-1020 covers Cloverdale west to Vancouver including N.Van and West Van and Richmond.

(Sept 2003)

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Homeschool Support Groups Elsewhere in B.C.

Christian Home Educators of Kamloops (CHEK)

We are a non-denominational group of 55 families in Kamloops and surrounding areas. We meet the first Monday of each month, Sept-June for support, information and fellowship, and organize a variety of events throughout the school year including academic co-ops, sports and fieldtrips.

Email: christianhomeeducators1@ (add to complete the email address)

(Oct. 2011)


Kelowna and Westside Christian Home Educators Association

We meet on the last Monday of the month for the purposes of support, encouragement and exchanging ideas. For more information, contact us at sanmutsch@ (add to complete the email address)

(Jan 2006)


Kootenay Home Educators - West Kootenays

Newsletter (quarterly), monthly get-togethers, various organized activities and sports, lots of love and support Contact: Brooke Campbell 250-229-5404 Jen Lehmann, 250-352-6705.

NEW!Visit the Kootenay Home Educators' Web site:

(Sept 2003)


North Peace Home Educators Association
Email: npheaexec@ (add to complete the email address)

NPHEA is a volunteer run support group for homeschooling families in and around the Fort St. John area. NPHEA is a diverse group and its families come from a variety of different backgrounds and utilize many different educational methods. We routinely have upwards of 100 families registered in the group every year, with children from preschool age to grade 12, making it very easy for parents and kids alike to connect with others for support or for fun!

(January 2018)


Prince George Home Educators' Association (PGHEA)

A non-denominational, non-profit, Christian group. It was created by home educating families to enhance, inspire, encourage, support, and aid all home educators in our community. We hold monthly support meetings which any home educator in our area can take advantage of - you do not have to be a member to attend these evenings.



PG Home - Prince George Homeschool Organization of Meaningful Education

Contact: May or Debra
Email: pghome-owner@ (add to complete the email address)

We are a Canadian non-denominational homeschool support group in BC's northern region. Our Yahoo group is open to all homeschoolers to communicate and keep in touch with one another. We also offer a membership to homeschoolers in the Prince George region for field trips and other special events.

(Apr 2010)


Revelstoke Home Learners Co-operative and support group

Krista White 250-837-2077 or email carnegie@ (add to complete the email address)

(Jan 2005)


S.H.O.K. (Secular Homeschoolers Of Kamloops)

We are a support group based in Kamloops, BC. Check out our facebook page for more information on upcoming and past events! For more information contact Karin at kwilds@ (add to complete the email address).

(Feb 2011)


Williams Lake Area Homelearners

Please WRITE to Jane Eagle, Box 70, Riske Creek,B.C. V0L 1T0 - giving a phone number and address and she will contact you. Jane lives in a rural setting with complicated phone arrangements :-)

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