Canadian non-fiction
for the home based learner

Have you read a Canadian book of children's non-fiction that you'd like to recommend to other homelearners? Let us know so we can add it to this page!

We'll also list here children's books that were written, illustrated or published by Canadian homelearners or their parents, and Canadian children's books recommended by home educators for their informative/educational content.

Books on science

Scientist of the Day
A Classroom or Home Science Program
for Students Ages 6-12

by Linda Pierce Picciotto

Want to do some cool science experiments?

This book has easy explanations with illustrations, and tells you everything you need to have on hand for each of 46 different projects that you can demonstrate to your family or show at a homeschool group science fair. It even tells you when to pause in your presentation, and what questions to ask your audience, to get everyone involved in predicting and hypothesizing (now that's a big, scientific word!).

These projects will get you thinking, teach you some cool scientific facts, and best of all, they're lots of fun!

The book includes forms to photocopy for record keeping, and for you to use when you draw pictures of what you did and label them with explanations.

Please send your parents to see for more information, a look inside the book, and ordering instructions (it's only $12.95). You can go there too, to see some of the experiments for free!

Books on Canadian history and geography

If you have read any of the following books, let us know what you think of them:

Amazing Stories is a line of books published by Alberta based Altitude Publishing Canada Ltd. Each book tells a true story about either a Canadian person or an event that has happened somewhere in Canada during its history, including up to the present.

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