Frequently Asked Questions
about home based learning in New Brunswick

Please watch this section for further updates.

What form do I fill out and where is it?

You can find the exemption form on this page: CLICK HERE
When you get there, click on the word "Homeschooling". A drop-down list will appear with a list of PDF files you can download and print off from your computer. Fill it out, mail it in or drop it off at your local District office. You can start homeschooling that day.

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How will I know what subjects and topics to cover?

You can read over the course outlines for the province here. These are the same ones the teachers follow. You are not required to follow them.
Other (briefer) guidleines can be found here. The list is American, but can be easily adapted for Canadians.
As a rule, course outlines are general. They vary from province to province, and even vary between schools. The beauty of homeschooling is you can cover what you like, when you like.

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Where can I find textbooks, workbooks or curriculum?

Please go to the suppliers section for a listing of suppliers across Canada. You can also choose "New Brunswick resources" from the menu on the left. Also check out the Nova Scotia and PEI section for nearby suppliers.

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Where can I find other homeschoolers in my area?

First, click on the "support" link on the left-side menu. If your area is not listed, ask around. Let others know you homeschool and are looking for support. Ask your local librarian if she/he knows any homeschoolers.

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Home Based Learning Info for all Canadians

For information and links of interest to all Canadian home educators, visit the main Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page. This is also where you will find the contact and media relations pages.


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