Home Education Legalities:
New Brunswick law and regulations

Section 16 of the New Brunswick Education Act

See also:

Home Schooling Information Brochure from the NB Department of Education.

What does this mean?

In practical terms, this means a form is filled out by the parent and sent to the local School District office. by September each school year. This year (2004/2005) the form has been changed to one page, listing number of children, their ages, and grade level.
It is my understanding that you do not need to wait for your permission letter to begin homeschooling.

The form is updated yearly and can be found on this page: CLICK HERE
When you get there, click on the word "Homeschooling". A drop-down list will appear with a list of PDF files you can download and print off from your computer. The Annual Home School Application Form is the one you fill out and drop off at your local District office.

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