home schooling laws and regulations in Prince Edward Island

The PEI School Act sections relevant to home based learning are as follows:

Part VI
Students and Parents

B. Compulsory School Age

69.(1) For the purposes of this Act, "compulsory school age" in relation to a person means a person from seven to sixteen years, and includes a person whio will reach the age of seven by the date prescribed by the regulations.

(4) For the purposes of this section, attendance at school includes attendance at (c) a home education program.

C. School Absences

Section 70. A student is excused from attending school on an instructional day if
(c) the Minister certifies in writing to the school board that the student
(ii) is taking part in a home education program. 1993,c.35,s.70;2003,c.43,s.5

Miscellaneous Provisions

B. Home Education

139. (1) A parent who intends to provide a home education program for his or her child shall, before the commencement of the school year, provide the Minister with
(a) a notice of the parent's intention to provide a home education program; and
(b) a copy of the proposed home education program.

(2) The Department may provide to the parent advice and comments on the home education program.

(3) A student attending a home education program may attend courses offered by a school board as permitted by the regulations.1993, c.35, s.139; 2003,c.43,s.12.

140. [relating to termination of home education program by the Minister] Repealed by 2003,c.43,s.13.

See also the Private Schools and Home Education Regulations (EC534/95), not available on the PEI government website.

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